Sunday, June 25, 2006

Rep. John Murtha D-PA (The "D" Stands For Defeatist)

If there was a doubt in anyone’s mind that Congressman John Murtha had become firmly entrenched with the likes of Cindy Sheehan and The New York Times, joining the ranks of those Americans who are actively rooting against the United States in Iraq, those doubts were vanquished on Friday when Murtha said that the American presence in Iraq is more dangerous to world peace than nuclear threats from North Korea or Iran.

Now, any honest, clear thinking American can see the ridiculous nature of this statement, but Murtha's moral relativism should give Republicans hope for what has so far been an uphill battle to retain the House and the Senate this November.

Murtha has openly stated that he wants to be the Majority leader of the House if the Democratic Party is successful in taking the body over.

While the dissatisfaction with the GOP is evident in polling, the idea that the American people would give power to an individual as confused as Murtha, by indirectly voting for like minded Democratic candidates is far too ludicrous of a scenario for most of the those dissatisfied swing voters who will decide this election. They just have to be informed as to what Murtha and his partner, fellow "cut and run" advocate Nancy Pelosi are capable of and the positions which they hope to obtain.

Murtha is a politician in the mold of John Kerry. Not simply due to the fact that he is a huge jerk, but also because he has been propped up by the party as a "hawk" because of his past service in the military. Americans didn't fall for that FORMER SOLDIER + DEMOCRAT = LEADER WITH GOOD IDEAS equation in '04 and I don’t think that they will fall for it in '06.

"Hawk" is not the term that I would choose to define a guy like John Murtha. Nor would I use the term "dove." No, the birds I would use to describe this unfortunate choice of a spokesman for the Democratic Party would be either the ostrich, which only takes its head out of the sand in order to run away at top speeds at the first sign of danger, or the Dodo.

While I wish no physical harm to Murtha, I do wish that like the Dodo, people who share his irresponsible views in regards to the War on Terror and massively important geopolitical issues will soon become as prevalent in congress as the bird is on the planet Earth.

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