Monday, November 06, 2006

Panda Predictions

HOUSE : Dems + 19

SENATE: Dems + 3

MO: Talent (R)
The mobilization of GOP voters will make the difference here.

VA: Allen (R)
A repeat of the 1996 Warner vs Warner race. Don't be surprised if Webb leads early.

TN: Corker (R)
Ford meltdown. He should never of confronted Corker at that press conference.

MT: Burns (R)
Big Comeback. Kerry's comments will tip the balance in this red state.

PA: Casey (D)
This race has been over since last year.

RI: Whitehouse (D)
Keep an eye on this race. Some polls have Chafee closing the gap. One even has him ahead.

OH: Brown (D)
The problems with the Ohio GOP are going to cost that state a great Senator in Mike Dewine

MD: Cardin (D)
Could be an upset, but Maryland will reject two excellent GOP candidates in Steele and Governor Erlich in favor of liberal tradition.

NJ: Menendez (D)
If Satan rose from the bowels of the earth and ran as a Democrat in New Jersey he would still win by 10-points

AZ: Kyl (R)
National trends will not be enough to oust Arizona's other Senator.

CT: Leiberman (I)
He's going to owe the GOP big time.

Keep checking back. This could change.

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