Monday, January 29, 2007

And She's Off...

The fact that Hillary is yet to utter a single word regarding policy and is yet to give us a single reason as to why she should be elected President, should be a good indicator as to what kind of President she would be if she ever is elected.

For the past six years Hillary has twisted with the political winds, relying on only her last name to keep her on top of the Presidential heap.

Then, in her first high profile trip to Iowa since she officially announced her candidacy, this lighthearted, yet very telling exchange took place:

While we are all racking our brains, as to whom Hillary and her supporters had on their minds when they began cracking up, let’s discuss how she mindlessly punted the multiple follow-ups with Democratic talking points.

Then, once her aides told her that she sounded like a typical, evasive politician – something that the American people won’t buy (see Kerry and Gore)-she played up the joke angle. And then the "everyone's out to get me" angle.

Why are you all “psychoanalyzing” me? See. I’m a victim.

That kitchen is going to get pretty hot Mrs. Clinton. Perhaps you should keep one eye on the exit.

No one cares what Hillary meant when she spoke of how to deal with "evil and bad men." Her audience certainly thought they knew and had a nice, long laugh.

Bill Clinton was not a bad or evil man. He was just a scoundrel with a broken moral compass.

But Hillary took what could have been a light and human moment and then tried to squirm out of it, just like a politician always does when they are trying too hard to get on everyone’s good side.

Just like her husband.

Get used to it.

For the next year Hillary will be going through the motions of a presidential campaign using the template created by the Clinton team, with the insufferable Terry Mcauliffe at the helm. The only problem is that the template was created for Bill, not for Hillary.

She will not offer any substantive policy ideas, and while this can work for some presidential candidates, it cannot work for one who’s as charismatically challenged as Mrs. Clinton.

She does not have Bill's political gifts, but like Gore and Kerry before her, no one has bothered to tell her this. She will therefore continue to run a campaign that's heavy on rhetoric and talking points, but devoid of substance.

Her supporters like her because she’s a Clinton. She’s also a woman, and the Democrats yearn for someone other than a white male in the Oval Office, regardless of their qualifications (see Obama).

The fact that Hillary is a woman, and the fact that she is a woman who has had a very public and very controversial personal life in regards to her marriage, is going to raise questions as to whether she is tough enough to lead a polarized nation during tumultuous times.

Her husband is a god-like figure to Democrats, but as we can see, he is also a bit of a joke. Hillary must strike some kind of balance or there will be more moments like this, and they will do a lot more damage than this silly, yet not entirely insignificant, gaffe.
Hillary will say anything to get elected and do the same to get people to like her. This may have worked when her unknown husband was running for president in '92, but it will not work for his wife 15 years later, and it is certainly not a quality that one wants the Commander In Chief to espouse.
So let us pray.
Please God. Let the Six-Year honeymoon for Hillary, be over.

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Shannonymous said...

I agree. No matter what she says or does she is still unlikable to me; she's cold and fake and I just don't really believe anything that comes out of her mouth. And speaking of mouth, I think it's pretty obvious from Billy Boy's antics that she doesn't like to give blow jobs, and I find it hard to like a woman who would marry a man (who loves them so much) and then refuse to give them. Seems like a pretty passionless marriage, purely political, and I have a hard time respecting that. I know some may say this is off the topic and ask what a politician's sex life has to do with his/her ability to do his/her job in office. But for me, I want a politician who is happy and satisfied in their marriage and not distracted from their duty as a president by chasing tail… or by their husband doing so.

Anonymous said...

I would rather vote for Rosie O'Donnell and it'll be a cold day in Hell before that would ever happen. There's plenty of time before the election, though, so it's likely her head will explode somewhere along the line.

Falling Panda said...

Thanks for paying attention anonymous.

VE said...

Yeah. I'm with you on this one, Panda Man.
And I hope that - come primary time - the Dems realize how utterly unelectable she is.