Thursday, August 23, 2007

An Idea For Newark's Mayor

I was driving through Coldwater Canyon here in LA and I noticed a sign that proclaimed that Beverly Hills was the "Sister City" of Cannes, France. 'That's appropriate' I thought, and it gave me an idea.

Since Newark New Jersey's Mayor Cory Booker refuses to uphold the law, even while illegals are murdering kids in his own city, let's make the lovely city of Newark the "sister city" of Tijuana, Mexico. The two cities have so much in common.

Both cities are a hot bed for criminal activity of all kinds. Corruption infiltrates all levels of local government. Both cities smell funny and they are both through ways for people who are trying to get to someplace nicer.

There are differences however. The unemployment rate in Tijuana is 40% while Newark's stands at roughly 12%. Also, underage kids don't go to Newark to drink, probably because they're less likely to get shot in Tijuana.

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