Monday, September 10, 2007

Good News is Bad For The Left/Bin Laden

Osama Bin Laden made a strategic mistake in his video message to the American people which was released last week.

His rantings against President Bush were clearly meant to appeal to the majority of Americans who disapprove of the way the president is handling his job and of the on going war in Iraq. Unfortunately for the terror leader, his hubris and misunderstanding of the depths of America's displeasure with its political leadership lead the generally savvy UBL to misread far-left "Bush Derangement Syndrome" as mainstream American sentiment.

His mistake was assuming that the American people dislike President Bush more than they dislike the perpetrator of 9/11 himself.

A vocal minority in this nation does, but Bin Laden overestimated their power and importance.

The far-left is now in full conspiracy mode.

If you turn on Air America or read the left-wing blogs these days the storyline being written is one of doctored video tapes, military leaders who are merely puppets of a lying administration and of a fictional civilian death toll which fluctuates from 400 to 650 thousand and which has no basis in reality. All conjecture, no facts leading to their conclusions.

The Democrats are beginning to see the fruits of their unforgivable politicization of the Iraq issue as the party leaders now have no choice but to spin good news coming out of the country in a negative light and hope for the worst in the military and political campaign.

Spinning numbers to paint a far more negative picture of reality in Iraq or giving credit to "warlords" rather than our troops are some of the tactics being employed by Chuck Schumer and others. However, when the Democrats find themselves at odds with the New York Times Editorial page, you know that there's trouble in Paradise.

Of course, at the Petraeus hearing today the shrill members of Code Pink interrupted the proceedings in order to put on their usual theatrics, which they are yet to realize are detrimental to their cause. The Democratic chairman more or less allowed it to happen, symbolic perhaps of the party's inability to control the cut-and run-left, not only politically, but also when it comes to maintaining order at the most important congressional hearing of the year.

Move.On .org's vile attack on Gen. Petraeus this afternoon should send a message to all reasonable Americans, that the far-left in this country is not interested in success in Iraq but is instead using character assassination to destroy political enemies,with no concern for the future of this nation or American troops on the ground. Not a single Democratic Presidential candidate has condemned the add. What does that tell you? Are Democrats more scared of the power that Move.On wields than of Bin Laden, who owned the airwaves yesterday echoing Move.On's talking points?

Bin Laden miscalculated. Independent voters may not agree with or support President Bush's policies, but they don't feel the disdain for him that they feel for Bin Laden or his Islamo-Fascist cohorts who killed 3,000 Americans six years ago today. The far-left does however. Keep that in mind on this dark anniversary.

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