Monday, June 16, 2008

Last Gasps Of Vietnam II?

Here's the latest in the effort by the MSM to help Barack Obama and the Democrats lose the war in Iraq from

NBC anchor Brian Williams on Monday evening rued that Afghanistan “is too often called the other war or perhaps even the forgotten war” when “in the month of May, for the first time ever, American and allied combat deaths were higher in Afghanistan than the monthly loss in Iraq.” But that's as much because of good news from Iraq, which Williams ignored, as bad news from Afghanistan. The number of U.S. service personnel killed in Iraq in May was the fewest in any month since the war began in 2003 -- a positive trend Williams, unlike his colleagues at ABC and CBS, failed to share with his viewers two weeks ago.
Back on Monday, June 2, the other networks noted how 19 died in May as a result of combat in Iraq. In the same month, total U.S. (15) and allied troop deaths in Afghanistan rose to 23, according to the Washington Post.

Now fortunately, despite the efforts of practically everyone on the left, those in the know are increasingly confident that Iraq is well on its way to becoming completely pacified and we will achieve victory in that conflict, despite the defeatist rhetoric of many Congressional leaders and presidential candidates over the past five plus years.

The stunning turnaround in that nation, due in large part to the "troop surge" is mostly ignored by the media, but especially by NBC and MSNBC who have made no real effort to hide their preference towards Senator Obama, in their news coverage.

Think about that for a second. If they aren't going to get their first preference which would be an embarrassing Saigon style withdrawal from Iraq, followed by history's judgement of the conflict as a defeat for the United States, the next best scenario for them is if no one notices the victory, at least until after Nov. 4th.

Fortunately, like Sen. McCain says, it is far better to lose an election than lose a war and if Sen. Obama wins in November, one can only hope that his rhetoric promising a speedy and full withdrawal from that nation is more lip-service to his far-left base than future U.S. policy.

History remembers The Lincoln Admin for winning the Civil War, not for the years in which Union armies were being devastated by the Confederacy. The tide turned in that conflict once President Lincoln fired general McClellan (no relation to Scott)and hired U.S. Grant.

It's the result that get the spotlight in the history books, and while the struggle is always important, it is often a footnote.

One wonders if the folks at NBC and the rest of our nations anti-war forces will ever understand that and accept defeat in their misguided cause, or if they will go to their graves insisting that we never won the Iraq war.

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