Tuesday, July 01, 2008

Robbing Peter To Pay Rev. Wright

With the political climate the way it is, if George Bush said the sky is blue and Barack Obama insisted that it was Orange, more people would agree with Obama. So when Sen. Obama tries to steal Evangelical Christians away from the GOP by essentially supporting Bush's Faith Based initiative, he's making a smart political calculation.

Support for the Bush policy is good politics on the surface, but when you look at the minor tweaks that Obama wants to make to the policy, the shallow and deceptive trademarks of Obama's campaign shine through.

First he wants to change the name. The program would now be called "The Council for Faith-Based and Neighborhood Partnerships."

This meaningless new nomenclature is typical of the senator whose entire campaign is about words and posing himself as being different from Bush even when the policy is essentially the same. Again, the sky isn't really orange, but from now on we're going to refer to the color "blue" as "orange", because we need change so badly.

Next, he wants to divert more of the federal money to "inner city" religious organizations. Of course no-one should be fooled by this clever name change. "Inner-city" is politically correct code for "black churches." The left-wing, America hating, black liberation theology, associated with these churches is not limited to Trinity United and Rev. Pfleger. It is widespread and unapologetic.

Whether Obama realizes it or not, this change would pour money into churches such as Trinity United, allowing them to help the poor and downtrodden but resulting in an increase in their congregation's strength and numbers, allowing them more opportunity to spread their ignorant ideology.

Obama also says that churches that discriminate against certain people because their lifestyle does not fit in with the religion's laws and theology, should not receive government money, however he seems to have no problem with churches that preach racism and spout divisive political rhetoric directly from the pulpit, getting taxpayer dollars.

The Faith Based Initiative is a terrific idea. Churches and religious groups around the nation are far better equipped to help our nation's poorest citizens than the federal government has ever been.

This play by Senator Obama is a smart one, but once again it should remind everyone, especially Evangelical Christians, that Barack Obama's view of religion is far different than that of your typical pious American.

Finally, to cap off his political posturing, Obama once again repeated the Democratic mantra that "Change comes not from the top down, but from the bottom up" In the long run, it's this concept which poses the greatest threat to all aspects of our nation's prosperity and innovative nature.

-Dan Joseph

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Anonymous said...

It seems OB has the word change in his speeches because he intends to change his words everyday and guess who benifits? Is it the ones that pushed him to where he is now? Are they wishing Hillary was the candidate instead because she had the same stancs the whole way through and we were supposed to get religion out of politics! the only chnage I see is the first Democrat to become republican like about religion and isn't that scary seeing how his church operates?

Kim said...

Sen O's one skill as a politician has been to find a big suitcase full of money and give it to private organizations / persons from whom he can get favors in return. And to whom has been the givers and receivers in these transactions? Rev Wright, Bill Ayers, Tony Rezko, Allison Davis, Cecil Butler, Valerie Jarrett, Martin Klonsky. A group of altruists for the community they are not. So, the biggest agenda items for a Pres Obama administration - the Global Poverty Bill ($845B!!!), the Housing Development Program, and now the Faith Based Programs. More than Carter's second term, he is his Il State Senators third term.