Monday, October 13, 2008

NY Intellectuals On Parade

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barton b said...

And a huge parade of Obama supporters would be greeted with warm open arms and rational discourse in downtown Topkea. Or Wasilla.


dan said...

My personal experiences have shown me that while we Republicans, as a whole are not completely tolerant, we are far more tolerant that the angry left.

I mean let's face it. We don't interrupt the other side's conventions and senate hearings, with banners and blood stained hands, hoping to bring attention to our cause.

But then , maybe that's simply due to the left's superior security apperatus at party functions.

Gee. I hope that translates to increased security here at home.

barton b said...

I would agree that I moderate, mild-mannered kick-ass Republican like yourself is tolerant.

But you're gonna tell me that Joe Redneck is tolerant? (while we're generalizing)

I DO agree that when members of that certain zealous breed of liberal.. you know the kind, they're generally in college, they generally smell, they love to "demonstrate..." When they jeer and taunt Republican speakers or throw pies at Ann Coulter, I mean... yeah. They suck.

Actually - The real reason I take umbrage with the video and what it's trying to imply is because... well... it's just kind of silly.
So a handful of people boo and jeer a group of McCain supporters. The maker of this video honestly thinks that tiny moment encapsulates a bustling city of 8 million people? A city where 40 languages are spoken? A socially liberal city with a Republican mayor? We've got dirty hippes popluating St Marks Street and we've got Republican stock brokers down on Wall Street.
On any given night, you can stumble into a one of thousands of restaurants, bars, coffee shops, diners and have a conversation with who-knows-what perspective.
A little video of one moment doesn't even begin to scratch the surface of the myriad points of view, ethnicities, and ideologies that comprise New York.

There's also a few details that rub me the wrong way -- The video text says "area intellectuals boo and jeer them." How does the maker of the video know these are "intellectuals?" Did he ask them their IQ? What they do for a living? Again - 8 million people in 300 square miles. It's a box of chocolates - you never what you're gonna get.
Hell - Is the maker of the video even sure they were native New Yorkers? I mean - On any given day, especially a weekend in Manhattan, when walkign the street, you're just as likely to bump into a tourist as you are a New Yorker.

There's also one detail in particular that's got me curious - Notice how there's booths and tents set up everywhere? And how people are walking down the middle of the street?
For those who don't live in NY -that's not normal. Some kind of fair or something was going on. Are we sure these McCain marchers weren't interrupting someone ELSE's event?

Anyway. I guess it doesn't matter. I just think it's kind of silly to try to make a broad statement about one of the most densely populated and ethnically diverse cities in the world based on a single video captured on one day encompassing a few blocks in one neighborhood.

dan said...

From what I've seen out her so far, I wouldn't be at all surprised if I got a similar reaction if I went out wearing a McCaIN Palin button in Union Square. That's why I don't. In LA I'd be wearing it.

By the way, the mayor is an Independant.

knowitall said...

The elitist illuminati will support each other always, and people should know that by now.