Tuesday, November 04, 2008


No Experience Necessary.

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Anonymous said...

I am sick.

Anonymous said...

Sure sign of The Decline of the American Empire.

This event just put it past the tipping point.

When American voters decided to pass on a TRUE American hero to give this office to someone who has not served at all, they will get what they deserve. Like Biden said, we will get tested, i.e. ATTACKED.

All we can do is PRAY.

Steve said...

The first Affirmative Action President.

United States of America
Born July 4th 1776
Died November 4th 2008

Anonymous said...

You guys are idiots.

barton b said...

The United States "died" on November 4th, why, exactly?

Because democracy worked?
Would you rather not have democracy?

"Sure sign of the Decline of the America Empire?" When were we an empire? Did I miss something?

And why is this a "sure sign of a decline," exactly?

Either way - You could always move to Canada.

Anonymous said...

The candidate who talked reconciliation and working together is not looking like he is even going to feign walking it. Look at the far left, razor tongue he appointed as Chief of Staff for goodness sake!

knowitall said...

This will be a man who with the help of the left-wing illuminati, will bring this country into more spending and lost wars.