Tuesday, March 24, 2009

What To Do If Jeremy Bird Shows Up At Your Door

If one of the Obamabots shows up at your door, here's what you do. Debate them until they realize that they don't know anything and be sure to take up enough of their time so that they can't push the President's snake oil to your less attuned neighbors.

Here's Some stuff From Michelle Malkin:

Too funny. The Obama Message Machine doesn’t want the Tea Party movement showing them up. So, they’ve sent out a mass e-mail and YouTube video link urging their cultists to go out and gather pledge signatures to support the president’s economic plan. Yep, a top-down, “grass-roots movement” directed by the DNC/Team Obama “because we can’t leave this important debate up to a Washington establishment that doesn’t welcome change.”


Well, this will really fire up the Obama-tic troops

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Anonymous said...

Sad, no one is fighting as hard as Jeremy Bird that gov't health care and more spending is killing us. The whole door to door movemet is a cult just like the Jehovah witnesses. It's ok when you agree with the Jeremy Bird's of the country but if you disagree all of a sudden you should NOT have the right to speak. Gov't health care has already been here for a protion of the population and it DOESN'T work, look at all the FAILED Gov't programs and people want the Gov't to care for their health!?! Soon, we will work 90% of the time for taxes and 10% of the time to pay our own bills, and nothing left for pleasure. We will be the sad walking souls like thos walking the streets of Russia and other Gov't controlled countries. If you want socialism don't force on me, MOVE all the other countries HAVE it. Just like the Jehovah's witness, if you want to believe it fine with me, but don't involve me I want no part of it. USA is the last SEMI-FREE country lets save the last bit Freedom there is in the world. Say no to OBAMA cult members!

Anonymous said...

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