Wednesday, February 03, 2010

Time to Get Behind Mark Kirk.

I know that we're not all happy about Mark Kirk being the GOP nominee for Barack Obama's old senate seat. Yes he voted for Cap & Trade (although I'm not so sure he'll back it if it ever comes up for another vote.) However, we Republican Beggars can't be conservative choosers here. Kirk is the best chance the GOP has at taking back a Democratic seat in a very blue state. If he turns out to be a RINO we can bitch about it for 6 years. but unless you want another Chicago style politician who's entrenched in that city's corrupt political machine in the Senate, then we have no real choice. And think about this. Let's say Harry Reid loses his seat, but the Democrats maintain their majority because Kirk loses in Illinois. You know who gets to be in charge of the Senate for the next two years? Either Dick Durbin, who is also neck deep in the corrupt Illinois system or Chuck Schumer. We need to think about those possibilities before we start applying a purity test to Kirk and looking for a Tea-Party alternative.

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