Saturday, October 30, 2010

Pictures From the Rally to Restore "Sanity" A.K.A. Rally to Mock Conservatives

Here's the companion piece to this post. The 10 Insane Signs I saw at the Rally to Restore Sanity. Uh? Didn't Stewart specifically say not to do the Hitler thing? Liberals are NOT good listeners.

Who said they were?

What does she mean "our surplus?" Is she a member of Congress?

Thanks for the visual lady!

Wow! Blaming Bush and playing the racce card on one t-shirt! I'm impressed!

Of course, the first thing I associate with the word "sanity" are the ladies of Code Pink.

I have no idea what this sign means.

It wouldn't be a leftist rally without a Socialist table.

This opportunity to bash corporate America has been brought to you by Comedy Central.

Legalization of pot was a very popular pet casue at the rally. I guess O'reilly was right about the whole "stoned slackers" thing. In fact, I know he was right. I could smell it!

Video of me interviewing attendees coming next week!

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Twingonaut said...

I can't believe that Jon Stewart gave out these signs and not just some people who attended the rally. These signs represent every single person there. If this wasn't to mock conservatives he would have said something about how tea partiers aren't racists. But no. He personally handed out these signs.

Umbrage! Outrage!

Anonymous said...

Twigonaut: He did say the Tea Party isn't racist. I quote, "not being able to distinguish between real racists and tea partiers . . . is an insult." Please see the attached link for video proof:

maryT said...

How many would have been there if not for the free bus rides.
Didn't notice a lot of families there. Still waiting for a picture of the mess they left behind.
Jon and Colbert should be ashamed of the type of people that came.
Who will be next to try and outdo the Beck rally. People came on their own dime, with families.
I hope this farce encourages everyone sitting on the fence to vote republican on tuesday.

unknownamerican said...

I'm tired of listening to these people. Why should we listen to people who decide that every other word has to be NAZI this and NAZI that.

Linda said...

It looks like, based on the demographics, that the crowd was union members, retired, and college students.

I agree, would love to see a picture of the mess they left behind.

IOpian said...

The only statement their gathering made is that there are at least 150,000 idiots in the world.

Anonymous said...

You're just mad because you don't get the joke. Jon Stewart didn't give out these signs, first of all. Second of all, your comments make you sound like an idiot, I'm sorry, but you clearly can't interpret sarcasm or jokes. Maybe actually listen to his speech sometime.

Anonymous said...

I saw tons of families there. I believe family of seven from Kansas was in attendance.

Anonymous said...

The signs were brought by the attendees, not handed out by Stewart. And thanks to the rest of you for proving exactly why this rally was exactly what America needed.

Tiffany said...

I was there. There were lots of families, but not as many children as there seem to be at tea party rallies, because I suspect a lot of us aren't as comfortable using our children to push our message. I have two children and would never take them to a rally, and I didn't agree with the people who did it yesterday. Second of all, Jon Stewart's people did not hand out those signs. We all brought our own signs. The only thing that was handed out where I was sitting were white towels with the rally's logo on it. Third of all, Yes, the Huffington Post did bus people in. 10,000 people in fact. However, there were around 215,000 people there, maybe more. I was there six hours before the start of the rally and was surrounded by people who paid for themselves and flew in. A family from Oregon was right behind me. A retired lady from Florida next to me, a U.S. soldier next to her, several people from Kentucky a row up, and best friends from Texas standing on my other side. It was a cornucopia of people from all demographics. Finally, while I don't dispute that there were inappropriate signs, the ratio of good to bad signs was probably about 50-1. Just like at the tea party rallies, you can't stop people from making bad decisions and bringing inappropriate signs. Now, you people can believe what you want to believe, but almost nothing I've read here is true, and it sure sounds like you all are getting your information from a source that knows absolutely squat, or is just lying about the facts. Maybe a little sanity would help?

I wonder if you'll publish this?

Tiffany said...

OH, biggest point! We cleaned up after ourselves. There was a facebook push for us all to bring trash bags, which many of us did. My husband and I each brought one, but because so many did too, we didn't even fill one up. There wasn't enough trash. Also, all of the funds raised through the merchandise and donations is being donated to the Trust for the National Mall to help with upkeep and maintenance, which is desperately needed down there.

maryT said...

Seems like a lot of people want us to believe what they say rather than what we saw with our own eyes and heard with our ears.
No way can they lie about the type of people that were there, or the number there.
Guess they haven't heard that we no longer believe the msm, and we are on to their dirty tricks. Truth would go a long way to heal but maybe the results on Tuesday will help them. Sure are a lot of people that need to have their sanity returned. Great to see so many of them all in one place at one time.
I would also be ashamed to have my children see me being such a fool.
Oh, did you clean up your mess.

Anonymous said...

I was there. I flew there and paid for a hotel. It was MY money.

All I got to do was read signs and talk to people. I saw A COUPLE of the signs you posted, and I was REALLY upset that people brought them. One I even told they should be ashamed. I saw HUNDREDS of signs about peace, community, getting along. Many funny, satirical ones that made fun of no one. And BTW, there were 200,000 more on the metro than a typical Sunday, and the last estimate i heard was 350K.

Most of us (NOT the ones with those signs) have been silent through all this crap. I saw those people having a chance to have THEIR presence known. No screaming... a lot of laughter... meeting people from all over.

I didn't have to WHISPER that I voted for Obama like I have to here.

momo said...

Everything Tiffany says is true. We brought our own signs, the only people bussed in were from New York, and whether or not you feel comfortable bringing your children to a rally has nothing to do with the moral stance of the people who showed up yesterday. I don't even understand why that point was brought up. It's a rally, not a Sesame Street was for adults. And the pics shown here are almost all completely negative. I didn't even see the majority of these signs yesterday. Most of the signs I saw were about getting along and loving your fellow human beings despite our differences. I'm also confused why "Twingonaut" would say the tea partiers shouldn't all be called racists(obviously because some of the signs and things that were said and done at the tea parties) and then lump all of the people who attended together by saying those signs represent us all. Hypocritical. You don't want to be lumped in with the crowd....try to return the favor.

Anonymous said...

All this about rallies--Left or Right--and the Right's hope for control of Congress come Tuesday/Wednesday. Well, I hope the Right takes some control of Congress this week. (Sometimes you have to take a step back in order to take a step forward.) If history serves to teach us anything, the Right will be forced to bear some responsibility for decisions made in the next two years as well as all the politicking we're about to see through 2012. In the meantime, we'll be able to gauge just how much cannibalization will take place between the Tea Party Right and the GOP. Let them eat each other over issues like extending tax cuts for the wealthy, extreme v. intelligent budget cuts, and "insider politics." After Karl Rove and Trent Lott co-opt the Tea Party out of the Washington insiders' "scene," it will only push the movement closer to Jim DeMint & Sarah Palin. And moderate/independent voters won't have the stomach to ride the Tea Party Express.

Anonymous said...

Falling Panda,

A free country doesn't fight a war on drugs. Please be logically consistent.

Anonymous said...

@twingonaut He did not give out those signs. They were made by people who attended the rally. Perhaps it would do you good to "tone it down a notch for sanity."