Monday, April 03, 2006

I like the new hairstyle.

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matthew said...

I love how robustly you covered the story Dan. Very insightful and articulate.

Now for those of you that have actually read an article on the latest incident involving Congresswoman McKinney I actually agree that she unjustly tried to spin it as a race issue. If you're unwilling to wear your security pin identifying you as a member of Congress then you have to wait in line with everyone else. If you try to blow past security then they should put you on the ground as a hostile suspect.

For those of you keeping score at home Dan still has yet to publish a post that isn't inherently attacking the left. Nor has Dan been able to conjure up a post articulating the right's positive aspects or their ideas for making America a better country for it's citizens.

For someone who claims not to hate those of us who are left of center Dan is still sporting a liberal bashing batting average of a thousand.

Anonymous said...

Hear me, Pandaboy - It was OBVIOUS racial profiling. Those cops should not be stopping a sister when they KNOW it's the young, male Arabs who are the terrorists in this country.

Anonymous said...

'nuff said. I think the news reports of the incident speak for themselves, Matt. The tongue in cheek post by Dan just says what most people are thinking. A picture paints a thousand words.

matthew said...

My point is how come Dan doesn't post a tounge-in-cheeck picture about the Homeland Security press officer who was soliciting a 14-year old gilr for sex. You have to admit Dan only wants to shed light on Democrat events.

How come there's no post about Atlanta being the new under-age sex tourism center? Where's the article pointing out that DeLay isn't resigning because he doesn't want a tough and bitter fight but because he's most likely going to be found guilty on some charges before November. Where's the post dealing with Rush Limbaugh calling a rape victim a "ho"? Where's the post talking about Bush's new measure that would allow your accountants to sell your tax info to overseas corporations.

It's almost uncanny that one can predict Dan wouldn't touch those issues but as soon as I heard about Congresswoman McKinney I knew there'd be some low-brow joke.

It's Dan's blog and he can publish whatever he wants. I just want him to stop pretending he's an objective journalist who doesn't hate any-one who's left of center.

PS: I think the picture may have been a way for to depict what she felt people were thinking. I think for Dan it was a cheap way to piggy-back on someoneelse's joke. But hey maybe I"m just a old fashioned guy who likes original material.

Digger said...

I don't speak for Dan but it looks to me like he's been dogging biased press coverage. There happens to be a lot of biased press coverage out there IMHO that favors Democrats. I've even seen a number of on line articles that report the news in an unbiased fashion but have misleading headlines that seem to infer the opposite of what the article says. For those who only have time to scan headlines, the twisted headlines leave the wrong impression about the issue or event. You are correct in pointing out that Dan can post whatever he wants on his blog. If he feels outraged by a particular issue that was inappropriately reported, it is his privilege to shed light on it. If he wants to pass along a funny that was created by someone else, that is also his privilege. Admit it, don't you see a lot of that in your email from your lefty friends too? You and I have the right to post whatever we want on our blogs but not to insist that someone else come clean and post the same opinions. Further, you seem to have a good handle on doing the very thing you charge him with doing - attacking someone with the opposite point of view.

leo said...

politicians are politicians. it doesn't matter which party they belong to. most reporters are biased. it doesn't matter who they support. they all have a point of view that is based on their background, upbringing, education, and so on. so it seems that everyone has some kind of agenda that they are trying to promote. dan and matt are no exceptions. they believe what they are trying to say is true. sometimes they even agree and they would probably be good friends if they stayed away from political conversations.

what i would like to see is an election where i didn't feel like I had to vote for the lesser of two evils. that's what it has come to in this country. how sad for us all.