Monday, April 17, 2006

Two More on Wilson's Deceptions

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Matthew said...

I know when Wilson came to Stanford he gave a very thorough Q&A for over an hour an a half. If you've solved the great Uranium caper then please go to toe to toe with Ambassador Wilson and share the results.

Until then maybe you can work on articulating you're viewpoints in a way other then bitching about other people.

Stephanie said...


Are you trying to tell us you went to or now attend Stanford? Maybe you should spend some time in the English department instead of trolling the blogs for the purpose of being the proverbial pot that calls the kettle black. In this case it looks like you are lurking around and laying in wait. You seem a lot like a stalker. Are you a stalker, Matthew?

"You're" is a contraction that is used in place of "you are" and not as a possessive. "Other then bitching" should be "other THAN bitching". Poor use of grammar and bad spelling among college students and adults only serves to highlight ignorance.

matthew said...

Yes Stephanie. I am a stalker. Dan is only one of my many targets. I'm also hunting down Corey Haim and the members of Devo.