Thursday, April 10, 2008

Democrats Alienate American Ally

Alienating our allies and cow towing to the desires of the special interests are charges that the Democrats have been making for years against the President. Today, the Democrat's reminded us of the innate hypocrisy which has always permeated their party.

As the President comes off a huge victory in Europe, achieving a unanimous missile defense agreement with NATO, the Democrats handed a victory to Hugo Chavez by killing a free trade agreement with one of America's staunch South American allies.

But the labor unions always come first.

At least the leadership of the unions. Democrats continuously oppose democratic reforms within the Unions, such as secret balloting which would let union employees dissent without fear of retribution from the higher ups.

Democratic leaders and voters also fail to realize that it's not free-trade agreements which have lead to job losses in industrial states such as Ohio and Michigan, but rather demands from unions and higher taxes, which have forced industries to relocate to places which are friendlier to business.

The Democrats have filled party coffers for years by giving unions more power to make demands of businesses and then driven those business overseas by taxing the hell out of them.

Then they blame it on the GOP, even though NAFTA and other major free trade agreements were signed into law by their hero Bill Clinton. NAFTA being one of Clinton's two major accomplishments during his eight year tenure, one has to wonder when the Dem's will turn against welfare reform in order to use it as a campaign issue.

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