Thursday, April 17, 2008

Gibson Shines, Obama Whines

Last night's Democratic debate was the best yet. After 20 debates during which the moderators allowed both candidates to slide by, offering up the same empty rhetoric on Iraq and class warfare platitudes, Charlie Gibson finally has the cajones to put their feet to the fire on important issues of character.

Obama was clearly rattled and spent the day after, whining about how unfairly ABC treated him. He also lambasted the press for not talking about the issues that Americans are "concerned about" but instead talking about his shady associations with terrorists and America haters as well as the sudden reappearance of his flag lapel pin. I thought that "true patriotism" consisted of "speaking out on the issues" Senator?

It doesn't help Obama's case that he hopelessly fumbled the most important policy question that he was asked that evening. This was on the issue of capital gains. Both Obama and Mrs. Clinton have made no secret that they wish to raise the capital gains tax from its current rate of 15% to God knows what.

Thankfully, Charlie Gibson accurately pointed out that over the last twenty years, higher capital gains tax rates have lead to lower government revenues. When the rates are lowered that revenue shoots up.

But, Obama didn't seem to care. In typical liberal Democrat fashion, Obama showed that he was willing to sacrifice economic growth for the sake of sticking it to the wealthy in the name of economic "fairness". He then tried to change the subject to the housing crisis.

There's a term for an individual who puts class warfare and counter productive concepts of economic "fairness" above economic growth. We refer to them as "socialists" It's becoming clear that Obama is one.

Hillary is about to throw the kitchen sink at Obama in a last ditch effort to stop him. McCain is collecting ammo and holding his fire until it's necessary. The "Weather Underground" story is bubbling, waiting to explode. Jeremiah Wright keeps talking.

The honeymoon is over for Obama.

Kudos to ABC News for finally treating him like a front running presidential candidate.

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Anonymous said...

The Democrats have a daunting task: voting for the lesser evil. I hate to admit it but I would rather see Obama get the nomination over Clinton. It makes me ill to think of watching her ads on TV all the way to November.