Thursday, September 25, 2008

All Eyes On McCain As Obama Looks In From The Outside

This week has truly offered up a fascinating case study in the history of the American political system. At this point it appears that John McCain has yanked the attention away from his rival and is betting his entire candidacy on his effort to bring congressional GOP house members together in crafting a compromise bill to save the economy.

McCain has been saying for days that Paulson's bill was dead, however Obama's campaign refused to believe it and made a crucial error in putting continuing focus on a foreign policy debate in Mississippi, sure that a bill would pass quickly making McCain's departure for DC look like a political stunt.

This didn't happen'

McCain's urgency allows him to claim, perhaps rightfully so, that Obama didn't understand the gravity of the situation upon arrival and that McCain did.

Now Obama is attempting to stay relevant and can only do so by continuing his campaign and claiming that this was all a political ploy. If it is, it's a damn entertaining one and may be one of the most brilliant political maneuvers in the history of such ploys, but the sense of urgency certainly seems authentic enough at this point and one hopes that the voters will sense a real difference between McCain's leadership and Obama's four year presidential campaign.

The difference couldn't be more stark. Now the question is whether the voters will favor party identity over proven results. Obama hopes they do.

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Shannonymous said...

Again, shouldn't a president be able to do two things at once (one of them NOT getting made up for an interview with Katie Couric of all people)?!?!?

Mike said...

Country First

knowitall said...

The GOP takes spending money very seriously, all of them. Therefore, he wanted to be there when a decision of piling on more money to the deficit was placed on the table. We all know the socialist illuminati are all for spending.