Thursday, September 11, 2008

Will McCain/Palin Have Coattails?

For months we've heard how John McCain out preforms the generic GOP brand while Barack Obama under performs the Democratic brand, in a year where up till now the Democrats have held a huge lead in the generic polling.

Bu in the last few samplings of the generic congressional ballot, the gap has closed significantly, with the latest USA Today/Gallup Poll actually showing a GOP LEAD. Its first in three years. Check it:

So either the McCain/Palin ticket is showing signs of coattails, or Obama is not only turning voters off to the prospect of his presidency but to the Democratic Party all together.

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1 comment:

knowitall said...

If the GOP is outnumbering the left-wing illuminati, why are we going by these fictious polls? Granted a few of the right will go to the left, but a few of the left have already come to the right.