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His cabinet nominees are being revealed as tax cheats, he’s dropping charges against terrorists who have murdered American soldiers and he’s promoting a massive government spending package that includes $150 million dollars to insure honeybees in the name of economic stimulus. Is this what you Obama supporters voted for?
The president seems to think it is.

Attempting to shift the blame back on the G.O.P. for our current economic troubles, last night Obama attempted to make the case that honeybee insurance and STD prevention was what the American people voted for last November.

“I reject these theories, and so did the American people when they went to the polls in November and voted resoundingly for change”

“Change” perhaps. But do you really believe that Barack Obama would have won the election if he had proposed a trillion dollars in government spending during the campaign? I think not.

No, Obama’s supporters voted for two things. “Change” and “Hope”. “Hope Over Fear” to be exact. Of course Obama’s not delivering that either. In his attempts to terrify the nation into supporting him, Obama has repeatedly tried to convince the American people that an economic boogeyman dwells within their closets and that this monster will not hesitate to eat your children while they sleep.

“Our nation will sink deeper into a crisis that, at some point, we may not be able to reverse.”

You really have to be completely ignorant of history and economic cycles to think that any economic downturn that strikes a free market is permanent. To the contrary, history shows us that it is the socialist nations, the ones which so many on the left, including Obama himself, think that we should emulate, that tend to fall into stagnation and long term economic malaise.

Obama is a great campaigner, however thus far his actual leadership abilities and his abilities as an executive have been exposed as tremendously sub-par . Because he’s still in campaign mode but now lacks the huge crowds and internet support structure which he enjoyed during the campaign, he is getting discouraged and angry.
In his speech last night Obama publicly showed that he is a liberal Democrat to the end and not at all interested in extending any real olive branch to the other side.

We now essentially have a one party government. Because of this, common sense compromise proposals such as John McCain’s, in which all unspent money in the stimulus package would be put back into the general fund once the recession ends, won’t even be considered by Harry Reid. The reason for this is simple. The current stimulus is largely a payoff to Democratic special interest groups. These groups want their money and they want it now.

17%. That’s the amount of the stimulus package that will actually get shot in the arm of the economy with in the next year. Obama mocks his opponents as he prepares to unnecessarily add to the deficits and debt, which he derided throughout his Presidential campaign.

Within two weeks Obama has become the complete opposite of what he claimed to be in the year during which he enchanted a large, tractable swath of the American people into supporting him for our nation’s highest office.

Now we are subjected to false narratives and continued talking points from a partisan cheerleader, when what we need is a president.

Republicans, believe that we need a real stimulus package, one with both tax-cuts and spending, especially on infrastructure, but also one, which is void of pork and non-stimulative Democratic handouts. We also now believe that everything we warned you about Obama over the last year and half been proven to be true. We are weaker in the eyes of our enemies and on a path to a nanny state. Two weeks in, a great big ‘we told you so’ seems to be well on the way.

There is good news however. Recently on Facebook and on other social networks, I’ve noticed that since the inauguration Obama supporters have essentially tuned out having no interest in defending Obama’s economic package or his moratorium on “The War On Terror”, while Republicans have begun to use these tools to connect with each other and expose the Democrats agenda.

Obama thought that he was so popular and had received such a mandate, that he could get away with anything. Even allowing San Francisco liberal, Nancy Pelosi to craft the centerpiece of his economic policy. Fortunately, most of the nation is way too smart to give him a pass and the approval for his stimulus currently wallows in the mid-30’s.

The honeymoon is over Mr. President. You’ve “screwed up”.

-Dan Joseph

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The Mansourian candidate is right on track in both helping the jihadists and futher harming the economy. Just like the Saudis have planned.