Friday, February 27, 2009

Picture Friday


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Thursday, February 26, 2009

Pork In The Budget

Ok. So we’ve already established that Obama was pulling a fast one on us when he campaigned on the whole “Hope Over Fear” thing.

We also found out that the ‘transparency in government’ stuff was BS, when instead of being put up online for five days as we were promised, the stimulus bill was shoved through congress without a single member being allowed time to read the actual bill.

Now we find out that Obama really didn’t mean what he's been saying about pork for the last year either.

I’m not even referring to the laughable statement that the president made in Tuesday’s address when he said that the stimulus package was passed without a single earmark. That was a fib. What I’m referring to is the President’s budget proposal, which was released today. Remember when Mr. Change said this on the campaign trail:

“We need earmark reform. And when I’m president, I will go line by line to make sure that we are not spending money unwisely.”

...or not.

Here are a few of the 9000 earmark goodies that your tax dollars are going to and which the president hasn’t indicated that he has any problem with:

$1.7 million for a honey bee laboratory in Texas

$1.5 million for work on grapes and grape products — including wine

$1.8 million to research “swine odor and manure management” in Iowa

$200,000 for Gang Tattoo Removal Violence Prevention Outreach. What?

Unspecified amount for Lobster Farmers in Maine

$185,000 for coral reef research and preservation in Maui County, Hawaii

$55,000 in meteorological equipment for Pierce College in Woodland Hills, Calif.

$9.9 million for science enhancement at historically black colleges in South Carolina.

$9.9 million for South Carolina's historically black colleges and universities.

$473,000 for La Raza

$24,000 A+ for Abstinence program in PA.

$300,000 for the Montana World Trade Center.

$950,000 for the Myrtle Beach International Trade and Convention Center.

$190,000 for the Buffalo Bill Historical Center in Cody, WY for digitizing and editing the Cody collection.

$143,000 for the Las Vegas Natural History Museum. Sponsored by Harry Reid

$238,000 for the Polynesian Voyaging Society, i.e – canoe trips
$381,000 for Jazz at Lincoln Center, New York, NY for music education programs

A $950,000 nature education center in Moss Point, Miss.

$142,500 for a museum honoring the late House speaker Sam Rayburn

$300,000 for a science camp curriculum in West Virginia

$150,000 for renovations to the Westwood Theater in Rexburg, Idaho

Now, if President Obama doesn’t put up a fight and send this bill back to congress, demanding that all this junk be removed, I think any reasonable person has to conclude that the guy has broken yet another major promise to the American people.

And while breaking this promise he is at the same time talking about implementing job killing tax increases on entrpenuers and small bussiness owners who already pay the lion’s share of taxes in this country.

I know that these earmarks make up a relatively small percentage of the massive budget that Obama is proposing, and some of them were even proposed by GOP members of congress. But you all know that John McCain would never let this slide. Especially during an time of such econmoic uncertainty.

Spending money is the easiest thing for a politician to do. So forgive me if I’m not impressed by Mr. Obama’s ability to do so. I’m pretty sure that this was not what 52% of Americans voted for last Novemeber. And here's the real kicker. This bill actually contains earmarks put there by Obama an Biden when they were still Senators, but Obama cleverly took his name off of his earmark earlier this afternoon. How's that for transparency?

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Wednesday, February 25, 2009

The GOP's Charisma Deficit

Last night Barack Obama gave a typical Democratic State Of The Union address in which he promised America the moon and stars. He told us he was going to cure cancer, pay for the college education of America’s children and halve the federal deficit. Amazingly, the only people who are going to have their taxes increased in order to pay for these things are the richest 2% of the population. Obama may as well have called for a permanent end to rain and crying babies.

Now, I know that Obama apologists are never going to second guess their hero, especially not this early into his first term, but for the rest of us, don’t you think it’s time for a little soul searching? The lesson Republicans should be learning as they are viewing the Obama love fest is that a lot of folks don’t care what’s being said as long as they like the guy who’s saying it and the style in which it’s being delivered.

Last night his supporters and much of the mainstream media continued to swoon, and didn’t bat an eye when the President had the audacity to tell them that the stimulus didn’t contain a single “earmark”. Apparently Obama has done to the term “earmark” what Bill Clinton attempted to do to the word “is”.

Of course after Obama’s speech the G.O.P followed him with Governor Bobby Jindal. Jindal is intelligent, young, has a story as unique and as interesting as Obama’s. His speech was a thoughtful, well laid out counter to the big government principles that Obama had spent the last hour talking about. Unfortunately, it was quickly evident, even to Republicans that the man who some Republicans were touting as “our party’s Obama” just a few hours ago, wasn’t even close. Jindal wasn’t just up against the pomp and fanfare of a Presidential address to a joint session of Congress, he was also up against the inevitable comparisons between his style of speaking to that of the president who was carried into office primarily because of his charisma and ability to connect with voters through rhetoric. There was no way Jindal was going to win that battle. Ten seconds into Jindal’s speech I turned to my father and said “This guy’s kind of a dork”.

Ten seconds after Jindal had finished; no one was talking about what the young Louisiana governor had said. Instead they were commenting on his strange, sing-songy delivery, his deer in headlights appearance and the fact that it was difficult to take him seriously after the rhetorical flourish and applause filled Obama stem-winder.

This leads us to an important question. Does the G.O.P have any chance of winning future elections, especially presidential ones, or even having people pay attention to our message over the next four years, without a charismatic, well-spoken individual out in front? I say no.

Since the Reagan years our presidential candidates have all had a certain type of charisma that appeals to a certain subset of Americans, but none of them possessed that natural charm or that aura of modern cool or the manipulation of easy to swallow talking points, that appeals to a broad spectrum of the American Idol viewing public.

George H.W. Bush was certainly a smart guy who knew just about everything there was to know about the inner workings of the federal government, but he was an exceptionally dull communicator. Robert Dole had a similar problem. He was qualified for the office of the presidency, but folks didn’t want to watch him on TV for the next four to eight years.

George W. Bush had certain type of straightforward Texas charm that was refreshing to a lot of folks after eight years of slick-Willy, however he was never able to effectively communicate on his feet and therefore couldn’t adequately defend his administration’s actions when defense was necessary. It also helped Bush immensely that he ran against two of the most obnoxious politicians of the age in Al Gore and John Kerry.

John McCain came across as being hot tempered and was clearly uncomfortable with talking points. He did not give off an aura of calm, especially when compared to his opponent.

What the party needs to do right now is to look at who we have waiting in the wings and make a certain amount of charisma and oratorical skill a prerequisite for our party’s nomination in 2012 and beyond. It doesn’t matter what wing of the party this individual comes from, be it the intellectual, country-club side (Mitt Romney) or the populist, social conservative side (Mike Huckabee), we have to come to terms with the fact that the last two times a Democratic president has been elected, they have had a huge advantage in the charisma column. Their nomination and subsequent election was made possible by the fact that most Democrats don’t care about experience. Their candidates agree on almost every major issue, so in the end the only difference between the candidates is their personal appeal to the Democratic primary voters.

G.O.P voters think a bit differently. There are several wings of the party and our voters have varied criteria on their checklist when choosing a presidential nominee. Unfortunately, in this environment we can’t trust the rest of the electorate to think as we do and vote for candidates because of their values, ideas, experience and vision. A Bobby Jindal simply won’t cut it anymore; despite the depth and salience of the message he’s delivering.

2012 will be a test for our party and depending on Barack Obama’s popularity it may be a test that we are destined to fail. However we must, as a party, begin to present likeable, well-spoken, cool, charismatic faces to the American public, who are ready for prime time. If this doesn’t not happen, young voters will never give us a chance and voters who are apolitical until they enter the voting booth will have no reason to pull the Republican lever.

I believe that Barack Obama is talented and intelligent, however I don’t buy into the description of him as “brilliant”. Some of his more enthusiastic supporters have begun describing him as such, but I am yet to see any real evidence that he is more than an incredibly well spoken guy who has thus far led a charmed existence in national politics. I don’t believe he’s any smarter than a Bobby Jindal, a Newt Gingrich, a Mark Sanford or a Tim Pawlenty. However if we fail to find a personality as intriguing and pleasing to the ear as Obama is, no amount of policy genius or time in office will make a lick of difference.

If Republicans want to win elections we should not, as some suggest, become more like the Democrats in terms of our policies. Instead we should emulate their recent ability to pick candidates with enough charm to make an otherwise uninterested electorate take notice and start really paying attention to what we have to say.

-Dan Joseph

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Saturday, February 14, 2009

Bill Maher: Obama's Secretary Of Dumb

Despite the fact that they don't have George W. Bush to kick around any more, the pathological need that comedians and other celebrities have to put their ignorance on display clearly hasn't taken a hiatus.

Bill Maher can be a funny guy, but he really knows very little about politics or policy. So it's absolutely infuriating when this guy gets an hour on Larry King Live to pretend he's a pundit. That must be what he's doing because in this interview he's not funny at all. He's just angry.

For God's sake, this is the guy who says he's a "Libertarian"! Does he not know what that word means?

Here are some of the dumber things the HBO talk host said in his last venting session with King.

On the Stimulus:

"He offered what they wanted -- the tax cuts, which really are not stimulus. And he should have said from the beginning, look, I won the election, OK? We're going do it my way now. We tried that idea -- that tax cuts solve every problem. We had that. And that's what got us into this mess."

First off, anyone who still can't admit that tax cuts stimulate the economy is living in a partisan dream world. It's been proven time and time again that tax cuts, especially those which are targeted toward the people who pay the lion's share of the taxes, have a stimulative effect. It was true when Kennedy did it. It was true when Reagan did it and it was true when George W. Bush did it. Hopefully these smaller tax cuts will have a similar effect, but don't tell me that tax cuts don't work. If anything, it is yet to be proven that the heavily Keynesian approach that Obama is taking, works. So on this front Maher doesn't know what he's talking about.

In addition the idea that Republicans believe that tax cuts "solve everything" as well as the idea that that tax cuts are what got us "into this mess" are little more than Democratic talking points aimed at the folks that don't understand how the current financial crisis came about. No one thinks that tax-cuts "solve everything" but don't put up a false choice in order to help Obama push through his agenda. I thought Maher was above that.

On Judd Gregg:
"I guess his Republican friends got to him -- you know, like the mob."

Right. You see this statement shows us that Maher believes that Gregg had no political convictions. I would be interested to see what Maher thinks about Obama's decision to completely politicize the census. This was the real reason Gregg left and will have sweeping ramifications in regard to....

Political demographics:

"You know, I hope that they're looking at what he's doing, because he's going to Republican areas. He went to Indiana -- a Republican district. He went to Florida. When he read that onstage: "The stimulus package passed," they all cheered."

Just because Obama was in a Republican district doesn't mean that their are no Democratic Obama worshipers in that particular place. Every Democrat in the county is going to come out for the chosen one. And of course folks like Julio are going to cheer for Obama. That's his base. A guy like Julio would cheer for Obama if Obama told him that the government was going to provide him with a helper monkey to organize his bong collection. Why was Maher surprised by this?

"You know, the people, I think, are on his page. And, you know, I think we need one more election to get rid of some of these mossbacks who just don't get it. I mean they're taking their orders -- their marching orders from Rush Limbaugh. He is effectively the head of the Republican Party right now.....I think they're absolutely following Rush. And that's how clueless that party is. They looked to find the future, and they found radio."

The word "mossback" has two definitions. I think Maher was using it in order to infer that the G.O.P is old-fashioned and reactionary. Unless he was calling us all large sluggish fish.

It's incredibly ironic that any celebrity who suddenly became a political expert during the Bush years, would lecture the G.O.P. on being "reactionary". This is especially true in the case of Maher who once discussed the benefits of having Dick Cheney killed with his crack panel which generally consists of Krauthammer like intellects such as Eve Ensler, author of "The Vagina Monologues" and Mos Def, who penned the classic political anthem "Ms. Fat Booty".

Now, it's true. I do believe that Rush Limbaugh is the most powerful guy in the party at the moment, and Liberals keep telling us that this is a bad thing. (Me thinks they doth protest too much.) I'm not sure how they're arriving at this conclusion since like tax cuts, talk radio has proven time and time again to be a very effective G.O.P stimulus, which is exactly what our party needs right now. For all of you who think that Limbaugh is just some dope with a microphone and that Maher is somehow more enlightened or thoughtful, I encourage you to listen to the two of them opine back to back. Listen to them for five minutes and it's obvious that Limbaugh is far more well-read on matters political. It's analysis (if not always incredibly deep) vs. talking point generated laugh lines aimed at Republicans.

For a long time I thought Maher was a bit more like John Stewart and that his constant mockery of George Bush was just a comedian being a comedian. If figured that when the next president rode into to town he wouldn't give that guy the benefit of the doubt either, in the name of laughter. However it's now clear that not only is Maher a liberal, but that he's also a shill for President Obama.

The media got what they wanted in President Obama. It's now time for them to stop giving ignorant, partisan celebrities a platform to play pundit. If Maher wants to discuss silly, unimportant, liberal favorites such as his contention that organized religion is the root of all evil let him do it. But don't encourage him to start spewing nonsense when it comes to important issues like the economy and foreign policy. Someone might actually take him seriously and there is far too much at stake right now to give Maher any real power.

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Friday, February 13, 2009


How Barney Frank was left off of Time magazines List of the 25 people to Blame For The Economic Crisis Is Beyond Me. At least the left-leaning weekly was honest enough to give Bill Clinton some of the blame. However leaving off Frank, one of the top apologists for Fannie and Freddie as well as a chief proponent of The Community Reinvestment Act is a glaring omission.

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Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Paging Dr. Stupid

Dumb Daschle Idea Snuck In With Stimulus

Have you ever seen the movie Saw III? I know, I know just hear me out. Throughout the movie the bad guy sets up elaborate “tests” for his victims and they must overcome both psychological and physical torture in order to live.

Well, at the end of part III, the bad guy is killed, however I turns out that he’s placed more traps to be activated post-mortem and manages to continue to lead his victims into them even after he dies, by way of tape recorders placed all over the city.

Scary and realistic!

Well, as it turns out the vanquished Tom Daschle has done pretty much the same thing. Before being asked to drop out of consideration for HHS secretary due to a failure to pay taxes, he convinced Barack Obama to sneak something into the stimulus bill.

While most of the non-stimulus items in Obama’s massive pork-package are wasteful, but only harmful when added up, i.e. millions for Frisbee golf courses, honeybee insurance, etc. This one is incredibly dangerous on its own. Here’s what it is:

The Federal Coordinating Council for Comparative Effectiveness Research or FCCCER, which is the perfect acronym for this, starts off as a fairly decent idea. It would put all medical records into a big federal database. This is terrific because it eliminates all of the administrative costs associated with paper records, which are staggering, and it will allow for the easier transfer of records from hospital to hospital.

Then it gets bad. SAW III bad.

First there would be a new bureaucracy. This government bureaucracy will monitor each time you go to the doctor and if these bureaucracy think that the treatment that your doctor is giving you is too expensive then they will “guide” your doctor into taking some other course of action. If your doctor doesn’t do what the feds recommend, either due to a disagreement with their ideas of what procedures would be most “appropriate and cost effective” they would be punished. So now Uncle Sam is basically limiting your personal doctor who knows you far better than Tom Daschle does (I’m guessing) to procedures that Uncle Sam endorses.

Now here’s where it gets creepy. Doctors who go along with the plan will be known as “meaningful users”. This title is not defined, but if you’re not considered a “meaningful user” of the system you will face penalties. And in a quote directly from the bill that could have come out of an Orwell novel, the HHS secretary will be empowered to impose “more stringent measures of meaningful use over time”. So eventually, one guy in Washington DC will be able to add to the list of procedures your doctor can’t perform whenever he gets the urge. To me “Meaningful Users” sounds like robot-talk. And not friendly robot’s either.

Why would they do this you ask? Well it’s quite simple. In order to bring down health care costs Obama and Daschle want the government to discourage doctors from using expensive new medications and new technologies. They also want Americans to become more accepting of “hopeless diagnoses” and of “forgoing experimental treatments”. Sorry Grandma, you’re gonna’ die! Deal with it.

And the more reliant on the government we become for our health care, the fewer options that are open to sick people. The article that exposed this smelly little nugget that was being slipped into the stimulus at the last minute, explains that this FCCCER, was modeled after a similar program in the UK.

“This board approves or rejects treatments using a formula that divides the cost of the treatment by the number of years the patient is likely to benefit. Treatments for younger patients are more often approved than treatments for diseases that affect the elderly, such as osteoporosis.

In 2006, a U.K. health board decreed that elderly patients with macular degeneration had to wait until they went blind in one eye before they could get a costly new drug to save the other eye. It took almost three years of public protests before the board reversed its decision. “

The introduction of FCCCER into the stimulus bill is sneaky and manipulative on Obama’s part. He is taking advantage of taxpayers during a time when Americans have become so fearful of economic collapse that Obama has been able to convince them that even debating his trillion-dollar stimulus plan is counterproductive. Not only is this a bad way to govern, but the long-term ramifications FCCCER itself are horrendous.

You see, if the federal government is going to tell doctors what equipment they can use, and what medications are allowed to be given to sick patients and the government will take pains to fall on the more cost-effective side, this eliminates the private sector’s incentives to create newer, better drugs and life saving technologies. The guy who stands to make a fortune by building a better MRI isn’t going to build it if doctors wont use it out of fear of being punished by the government. So while in the short term, health care cost will go down, important medical advances will take longer to realize and in many case stagnate far longer than necessary.

It’s a real life horror movie that none of us need to live through. The only thing that can save us now is the good sense of two senators from Maine and one former cancer patient from Pennsylvania, who might not be with us now if the government had told him that his advanced case of Hodgkin’s Lymphoma was a “hopeless diagnosis” and one which he should simply “accept”.

-Dan Joseph

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Monday, February 09, 2009

No Middle Ground

More fear. Less Hope. But what I really, really want to hear is the President's explanation as to how the Bush tax cuts, "helped lead us into this crisis." Anyone? Bueller?

Monday, February 09, 2009
Posted by: Hugh Hewitt at 8:31 PM

The president's press conference was a huge mistake, not because he made a partisan case for his massive spending plan. Nothing else could be expected.

But when he distorted the GOP opposition as wanting to do nothing he lost the game. The American people are tuned into this debate and know very well that the GOP is committed to a large but balanced stimulus plan that puts tax relief and immediate infrastructure spending to work to immediately surge the economy. They have listened closely to the arguments made on the Senate floor and know that the president's bald mischaracterization of those positions is just false.

Combine that bit of theater with the deeply disturbing answer on Iran --looking for Iran to reach out to us after two weeks of "diplomacy"-- and his incoherent explanatuion of the origins of the financial crisis, and the president left millions cold and worried tonight. He may get his porkapalooza, but the campaign rhetoric tonight is not up to the job, and voters know it

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Sunday, February 08, 2009

Really, Really, Really Good News

I'll reitorate. This is by far the most important upcoming election for the GOP. We must win this one.

From Rassmussen Reports:
Feb, 6

Republican Attorney General Robert F. McDonnell has a three-to-nine point lead against three hopefuls for the Democratic nomination in this year’s closely-watched Virginia gubernatorial contest.

McDonnell, who announced this week that he will step down from his post on February 20 to campaign full-time for governor, bested only one of the three Democrats in early December.

Now, the latest Rasmussen Reports telephone survey shows the lone Republican gubernatorial candidate topping his best-known opponent, Terry McAuliffe, by seven points, 42% to 35%. In December, he held a five-point edge over McAuliffe, a longtime Clinton confidant, major Democratic fund-raiser and former national party chairman.

McDonnell is even further ahead of Rep. R. Creigh Deeds of Bath County – 39% to 30%. The two men were tied two months ago.

Brian J. Moran, a former state delegate from Alexandria, led McDonnell by four points in the earlier survey but now trails by three, 39% to 36%

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But...Hope! Change! Wait a minute, where's everyone going?

Stumbling out the gate: Barack Obama flubs his first big test
Updated Sunday, February 8th 2009, 9:45 AM
By Michael Goodwin

The first days of President Barack Obama have not been easy ones. It's not easy to waste a mandate and a honeymoon at the same time, but President Obama seems determined to try. You know he's off to a lousy start when his most favorable reviews came after he said, "I screwed up." Did he ever, and not just once. If he keeps going this way, America will be saying, "We screwed up."

He's our President, it's a horribly dangerous time at home and abroad and we desperately need him to succeed. But he can't be successful unless he builds a broad swath of public trust in his leadership. So far, he's going backward.

It's very early, but it's worrisome that Obama has stumbled almost since he took the oath. His inauguration speech was uninspired and next to nothing has gone right for him. Already he looks like he needs a vacation.

The historic young President with the political wind at his back has quickly turned testy toward those who disagree with him. Despite promises to the contrary, he's been so rigid that the defeated Republicans are relevant again.

Obama's fumbled rollout is surprising, given a smooth and skillful transition. He appointed key players early, talked repeatedly of being ready "to hit the ground running" and was eager to get off to a fast start.

Maybe too fast. His vetting of top aides was shockingly sloppy, and he has been concerned primarily with the speed of the stimulus bill, not its contents. The failed vetting produced a string of embarrassments over tax dodgers and influence peddlers, and his embrace of the flawed stimulus has put him on the wrong side of the American public, with only about 1 in 3 voters with him.

Even more surprising, his famously cool temperament is AWOL. He has been visibly frustrated at what he calls needless delay, despite a rapid timetable given the whopping price tag of the stimulus legislation and the uncertainty of its impact.

He should genuinely welcome those who want to make the bill better. After all, there's never been much doubt he would get a huge package passed, so he doesn't need to make enemies over it. The only real question is whether it will succeed.

But unable to get his way quickly, he pulled rank with a snippy, "I won." When the Senate insisted on debate, he turned to harsh attacks and campaign-style rhetoric. Some insiders already are grumbling about disarray and arrogance.
So much for a change in

What happened to the gracious uniter, the man who held a dinner to honor opponent John McCain and embraced the concept of a team of rivals? That seems like ancient history as he and McCain now are sniping at each other

It's also disappointing that, instead of appealing to our hopes, Obama has resorted to fear-mongering, a tactic he often accused former President George Bush of using. Our new President sounds like the old one, warning that failing to do what he wants would be a "catastrophe," a word he used twice in one day.

The real catastrophe would be to borrow a trillion dollars for no lasting result except the liberal pet projects that have turned the bill into a porkfest.

A friend, in a clever reference to JFK's first big mistake, calls it Bambi's Bay of Pork. Obama's touting the bill marks him as careless with taxpayer dollars, and it's a reputation he will not find easy to shake, especially if the legislation fails to boost the economy and add jobs.

Nor will it be easy to persuade anyone he is nonideological after his turn to hard partisanship on just his 16th day in office. In a political hot-house atmosphere, he called House Speaker Nancy Pelosi "our rock" and "an extraordinary leader," oblivious to her 18% approval rating. He claimed the stimulus she produced reflected "discipline," meaning he's either cynical or didn't bother to read the turkey before embracing it.

He accused critics of pushing "tired arguments and worn ideas," but there is nothing more tired than Washington's wasteful spending. He wants to "name and shame" corporate fat cats who abuse taxpayer bailouts, but cheers his Dem mates for an outrageous tab that knows no precedent in our nation's history.

Who is this guy? Where is the Barack Obama who charmed the country and challenged it to greatness?

That's the guy we elected. That's the President we need.

Actually, I'm beginning to think that this is the President we need:

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Call These Dudes......

Instead of bitching about the defections of Specter, Snowe and Collins, let's be proactive and target red state Democrats. Here are a trio of Democrats who could really suffer if their constituents find out that they're backing Pelosi's stimulus plan. Call these senators on Monday.

Blanche Lincoln (D)-Arkansas
(202) 224-4843

Jon Tester (D)- Montana
(202) 224-2644

Mark Begich (D) - Alaska
(202) 224-3004

And tell them to do something about this as well....

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Saturday, February 07, 2009

Introducing "The Endive"

Here is a posting from a site called "The Endive" which is essentially a conservative answer to "The Onion". If this posting is any indication as to what we can expect from these guys in the coming years then at least something good will have come from this entire Obama mess.

Obama Taps his Kenyan Half-Brother to Improve Stimulus Plan

President Barack Obama presented improvements to his economic stimulus plan following an outpouring of criticism from Republican Senators.

“My half brother George just informed me via e-mail that he has just inherited the sum of $66.6 billion American dollars, but he fears losing it to his corrupt government,” said the President, “Therefore, we can help each other out at the same time. All we have to do is set up an account for him here in America. For this, he promises to give us 95 percent of the money.”

According to the President, George Obama is ready to transfer the funds immediately; he just needs $5,000 U.S. dollars for the wire transfer and Kenyan legal fees. The President’s plan generated optimism in the Senate.

“This is the best plan I’ve heard in years. A small investment of taxpayer money will pay off in spades as soon as George makes that wire transfer,” said Chris Dodd, D-CT, “If the American people don’t accept this plan, I may go ahead and do it myself. I didn’t even realize they had that kind of money in Kenya!”

“We tried a similar plan in Vermont,” said Patrick Leahy, D-VT, “A nice young gentleman from Nigeria was on his death bed and didn’t want the government taking his money. We set up an account for him and sent him $3,000 U.S. dollars in legal and wire fees. We also went ahead and sent him another $5,000 for radiation treatment and $8,500 to keep the Nigerian government off his back. He plans to transfer the money any day now, and boy are we excited!”

Republicans weren’t quite as excited, but didn’t seem all that motivated to do anything about it.

“Yeah, I got a similar e-mail from a young man in Zimbabwe,” said Lindsey Graham, R-SC, “But I decided to ignore that e-mail and instead respond to the one that promised me that she will love me more if I take two pills a day and become huge. I’m looking forward to becoming huge.”

“I found quite a deal on Viagra,” said Lamar Alexander, R-TN, “It must’ve saved the taxpayers at least $200. I wasn’t really paying attention to Obama’s plan. It probably involves too much spending, though.”

The President finished his presentation of the amended plan with a word of outreach to all Senators.

“If we pass this thing,” said Obama, “Not only will George give us billions of dollars, but he has promised to throw in an entire bag of weed.”

“Is that reefer?” said Robert Byrd, D-WV, “I like the reefer.”

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Friday, February 06, 2009

Ashley Judd's Caribou Bloodlust

As many of you know, I am an animal lover. I have a soft spot for all of God’s creatures except of course for snakes and insects. But we all hate those things, so it’s ok. This is why I was so disappointed this week, when actress Ashley Judd publicly came out in opposition to laws in Alaska that protect the endangered caribou population.

First of all, it is beyond me why Ms. Judd, would want to make it more difficult for the caribou, whose population hovered around 500 only a few short years ago, to survive.

Since these protective measures, which Ms. Judd opposes, have been put in place Alaska’s Fish and Game department estimates that the caribou population has increased to 6500 this year.

So why would Ms. Judd want to put the caribou at risk of becoming endangered once more?

I mean come on Ashley. Look at this little guy. Isn’t he adorable? Look at those big eyes, that soft fur, and those majestic horns. How could you want such beautiful animal to die Ashley? Have you no soul? I was particularly surprised by Ms. Judd's actions because individuals in her industry are usually so level headed and intelligent.

I don’t know why Ashley Judd hates caribou. But I do know that there’s something you can do if you care about protecting these incredible animals. If you care, please visit this site, and go to their page on protecting Alaska’s caribou population. Here you will learn how we can stop the murderous Ms. Judd from destroying Alaska’s precious eco system and sending the caribou into extinction.


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His cabinet nominees are being revealed as tax cheats, he’s dropping charges against terrorists who have murdered American soldiers and he’s promoting a massive government spending package that includes $150 million dollars to insure honeybees in the name of economic stimulus. Is this what you Obama supporters voted for?
The president seems to think it is.

Attempting to shift the blame back on the G.O.P. for our current economic troubles, last night Obama attempted to make the case that honeybee insurance and STD prevention was what the American people voted for last November.

“I reject these theories, and so did the American people when they went to the polls in November and voted resoundingly for change”

“Change” perhaps. But do you really believe that Barack Obama would have won the election if he had proposed a trillion dollars in government spending during the campaign? I think not.

No, Obama’s supporters voted for two things. “Change” and “Hope”. “Hope Over Fear” to be exact. Of course Obama’s not delivering that either. In his attempts to terrify the nation into supporting him, Obama has repeatedly tried to convince the American people that an economic boogeyman dwells within their closets and that this monster will not hesitate to eat your children while they sleep.

“Our nation will sink deeper into a crisis that, at some point, we may not be able to reverse.”

You really have to be completely ignorant of history and economic cycles to think that any economic downturn that strikes a free market is permanent. To the contrary, history shows us that it is the socialist nations, the ones which so many on the left, including Obama himself, think that we should emulate, that tend to fall into stagnation and long term economic malaise.

Obama is a great campaigner, however thus far his actual leadership abilities and his abilities as an executive have been exposed as tremendously sub-par . Because he’s still in campaign mode but now lacks the huge crowds and internet support structure which he enjoyed during the campaign, he is getting discouraged and angry.
In his speech last night Obama publicly showed that he is a liberal Democrat to the end and not at all interested in extending any real olive branch to the other side.

We now essentially have a one party government. Because of this, common sense compromise proposals such as John McCain’s, in which all unspent money in the stimulus package would be put back into the general fund once the recession ends, won’t even be considered by Harry Reid. The reason for this is simple. The current stimulus is largely a payoff to Democratic special interest groups. These groups want their money and they want it now.

17%. That’s the amount of the stimulus package that will actually get shot in the arm of the economy with in the next year. Obama mocks his opponents as he prepares to unnecessarily add to the deficits and debt, which he derided throughout his Presidential campaign.

Within two weeks Obama has become the complete opposite of what he claimed to be in the year during which he enchanted a large, tractable swath of the American people into supporting him for our nation’s highest office.

Now we are subjected to false narratives and continued talking points from a partisan cheerleader, when what we need is a president.

Republicans, believe that we need a real stimulus package, one with both tax-cuts and spending, especially on infrastructure, but also one, which is void of pork and non-stimulative Democratic handouts. We also now believe that everything we warned you about Obama over the last year and half been proven to be true. We are weaker in the eyes of our enemies and on a path to a nanny state. Two weeks in, a great big ‘we told you so’ seems to be well on the way.

There is good news however. Recently on Facebook and on other social networks, I’ve noticed that since the inauguration Obama supporters have essentially tuned out having no interest in defending Obama’s economic package or his moratorium on “The War On Terror”, while Republicans have begun to use these tools to connect with each other and expose the Democrats agenda.

Obama thought that he was so popular and had received such a mandate, that he could get away with anything. Even allowing San Francisco liberal, Nancy Pelosi to craft the centerpiece of his economic policy. Fortunately, most of the nation is way too smart to give him a pass and the approval for his stimulus currently wallows in the mid-30’s.

The honeymoon is over Mr. President. You’ve “screwed up”.

-Dan Joseph

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Thursday, February 05, 2009

Brainwashed In New Rochelle

Nothing tics me off more than when adults use kids to promote a poltical agenda or attempt to brainwash them via arts and crafts. Here's one example from Michelle Malkin:

"Caution: Tax dollars at work, creating 7-year-old Obama-bots in the New Rochelle, NY school system.

Students at an elementary school in New Rochelle, NY, a largely Democratic suburb of New York City with a City Council and School Board dominated by Democrats, were recently assigned an in-class assignment to color in drawings of Barack Obama to mark the occasion of the inauguration of the 44th President. The drawings depicted Obama in various heroic poses, flags waving in the background, but one drawing went beyond adulation into overt political activity disguised as a pedagogical exercise. The drawing is a campaign button, in the center of a circle Barack Obama is smiling surrounded by another circle with the words “Students for Obama 2008″.
Do public school employees cross the line with this sort of thing?

At least one student objected but her concerns were ignored.
“I was mad”, the second grader told Talk of the Sound. “I wanted McCain to win”.
New Rochelle Superintendent of Schools Richard Organisciak, an Obama supporter, did not respond to emails requesting comment."

If you want to e-mail this "academic" feel free.

Richard Organisciak
Superintendent of Schools
City School District of New Rochelle

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Tuesday, February 03, 2009