Monday, May 21, 2007


Look! Presidential polls out in June of '07! Let's jump to conclusions!

Seriously though, if you're following the horse race at this point, you're a junkie. Perhaps even the political equivalent of a obsessive Star Trek Fan or someone who dresses up in lingerie every weekend and goes to see The Rockey Horror Picture Show.

Undeniably however, three new polls that have been released over the past week show that the momentum in the race for the GOP nomination has very likely passed from Rudy Giuliani to the guy who is currently polling in single digits in national polls.

How can this be you ask?

Check it out.

In Iowa, a poll taken by the Des Moines Register shows Romney with an astounding twelve-point lead over his nearest competitor, John McCain. Zogby gives him a more modest lead, within the margin of error.

In New Hampshire, Zogby has Romney up 16-points, while Survey USA has him up by 9.

Indeed, it appears that Mitt has momentum, which should lead him to eclipse his competitors in the early primary states at some point this summer.

This, of course, means nothing.

Romney will pull ahead for a bit. But the fickle GOP base has had two front runners already, with McCain as the first favorite and Giuliani as the next flavor of the month.

Then, once the GOP base examined their records and studied their unattractive flaws, they moved down the line to the next potential heir to the Reagan legacy.

All of this is leading us to this November and December when every candidate who has been the front-runner at one point or another will have had time to focus his message, and the base has had time to forget about the reasons they didn't like them before.

They will then decide once and for all who will take on Hillary in '08.

Romney's surge does not guarantee that he will emerge victorious, but it does cement his place among the front-runners and assures that he will be considered when primary voters make their final decision early next year.

Of course, before all is said and done, it is likely that there will be yet another front-runner, when Fred Thompson enters the race, emitting that wonderful, new candidate smell.

Thus far, the GOP race has focused on three candidates, each with undeniable strengths as well as glaring liabilities. Romney will undoubtedly lose some of his luster under the penetrating glare of front-runner status.

The question is whether he can maintain his lead.

Either way, he should remain competitive for the remainder of the campaign.

If he fails to capture the nomination this time around, his prospects will remain good for '12 or '16 as long as he doesn't take a Gary Hart-style beating that is impossible to recover from.

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Anonymous said...

keep in mind Falling Panda, we can't let Juliani win for the reason sighted in the following article--takien from a blogsite called prayersthatmatter.

In Los Angeles, 95 percent of all outstanding homicide warrants are for illegal immigrants.

Los Angeles police say they routinely see previously deported illegals from notorious Salvadoran gangs like Mara Salvatrucha on the streets. Yet unless officers witness such persons — felons by their very presence in the United States — committing another illegal act (such as a narcotics sale), they are not allowed to arrest them.

In New York, a gang of five Mexicans — four of them illegal — abducted and raped a 42-year-old mother of two in Queens. Three of the illegals had been arrested on previous occasions for assault, armed robbery and drug offenses. However, the New York Police Department never notified the Immigration and Naturalization Service pursuant to sanctuary policies instituted by Mayors Rudy Giuliani (and he wants to be your President, folks! GRL3) and Michael Bloomberg.

Source: The Washington Post

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