Friday, May 11, 2007

A Younger, Better Looking, Walter Mondale

Hedge funds, $400 haircuts and renegade bloggers. The Presidential campaign of slip and fall lawyer John Edwards has been a rough one thus far.

Edwards, who seems to be willing to say just about anything that those at and Media Matters want him to say, has been offering anything and everything to the American people in order get some primary momentum in his race against the black guy who gives a hell of a speech and the woman who is married to the cool former president.

When you total everything up that Edwards has proposed so far, including universal health care, and his “college for everyone” concept, it all adds up to nearly 1 Trillion dollars and that’s without adding up all of the disastrous long term costs of these social programs.

But this is the kind of social, nanny state; kind of stuff that Liberal, Democratic primary voters eat up.

If Democrats were not in such anti-white male mood this election cycle, Edwards may actually be in the mid-twenties right now.

Remember, for Democrats, the word “moderate” simply means ‘A Democrat with a Southern accent’, perhaps that’s why Hillary has adopted one in recent weeks.

Of the top tier candidates however Edwards is far and away the most outwardly liberal. We’re talking Dennis Kucinich, only from Earth.

So Edwards, who precariously straddles the fine line that separates a charismatic politician from a used car salesman, finds himself drifting towards the fringe, in an election where he was supposed to represent the second coming of the “New Democrat”. Remember, the kind of Democrat that can actually win a national election?

In his quest to appeal to the base, he has now officially said and done too many things, which will lead to an overwhelming rejection by the American people in a general election.

Wow. That was fast.

But with Edwards, I say, the sooner the better.

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Abouna said...

Don't we already have universal health care and free education for the illegals?