Tuesday, January 08, 2008

I Give Up...

You hear that? That's the sound of every political analyst and pundit in America simultaneously being fired.

More tomorrow.

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If you support Rudy, I suggest you leave America, you filthy fascist. You are an enemy of my country, you fascist piece of turd

We will soon start citizens arrest on all Rudy supporters, supporting Rudy is the same as supporting Bin Laden, that is treason

Watch yourt back traitor. I have a list of 20,000 Rudy supporters. I suggest you rejoin America, pick a candidate, any candidate, not Rudy. Rudy is an enemy of America, fascism is Anti-American.

We chased Hannity off the block, and made him piss his pants. ANYONE who supports Rudy will be under citizens arrest

WE ARE HERE TO PROTECT AMERICA FROM FASCISM, Rudy is a FASCIST. Hannity was able to evade arrest. You will be subject to citizens arrest for supporting the enemy

Watch your back, panda. Patriots are arresting Rudy supporters nationwide, your on an enemy watch list. FASCISM is the ENEMY, RUDY IS THE ENEMY


and I suggest you stop supporting him, he is a FASCIST, Republicans, Democrats, are all united to ELIMIATE THE ENEMY. GUILIANI IS THE ENEMY

dan said...

How much do you wanna bet that this guy is Ron Paul supporter?

Shannonymous said...

C.A.F. is obviously off his rocker, but no fair making him a Paul supporter, D.

and ps- did you hear about the ballot tampering?

Ron Paul "supposedly" got no votes in NH and yet quite a few people are saying they voted for him... where did their ballots go?

Anonymous said...

I would like to hear I Give Up's give his definition of Fascism. I would also like to know why he claims Rudy is a fascist and an enemy of the state. I need some examples please. He did a lot of threating and yelling, but there was no substance in his rant.

Actually, I Give up's rant makes him sound like Fascist. Don't fascist use threats, intimidation and name calling to intimidate their enemies? He sounds like a Muslim or an Islamist to me.

dan said...

Paul recieved about 8% which was roughly what he was polling.

Please no more stolen election fairy tales please.

Twingonaut said...

C.A.F. : You made my day, you fascist.

Shannonymous said...

Fairy tales, huh? Then why was ballot tampering the cover story of the NY Times Magazine last week?!?

Shannonymous said...

PS-twingonaut: email me!

junior_goddess said...

Holy shit. CAF is pretty interesting.

There's a reason NH is called the Be High or Die state.