Friday, January 04, 2008

A Substance Free Caucus

Hillary Clinton ran as the candidate with the experience to run the country. Iowa Democrats decided to go with the least experienced of all the candidates, in either party, in Barack Obama.

Hillary Clinton ran as the inevitable and invincible candidate who could take on a Republican in the general election. She came in third.

Mike Huckabee won because of his charisma and support from evangelical Christians.

Obama won simply because of his charisma.

The only way either one of them is electable is if they run against each other.

John Edward's speech last night was ridiculous. I hope we never have to hear from this man again after New Hampshire.

Iowa voters said “yes” to “change” last night, but more importantly, they said “no” to the way in which certain individuals have run their campaigns.

In saying “no” to Clinton, Dems said no to a representative of the past, in favor of a representative of the future.(By "representative of the future" I mean, someone who they don't know as well as Clinton.

They said “no” to a robotic, uncharismatic, establishment individual in favor of a talented speaker with a clean slate. (He’s barely had any public service experience, how could the slate be dirty?)

In saying “no” to Romney, Iowa Republicans told him that you can’t buy an election, especially if there are questions about your dedication to Republican orthodoxy.

Just some thoughts.

More after New Hampshire.


McCain will win, knocking Romney out and turning it into a three-way race between McCain, Huckabee and Giuliani.

Obama will win New Hampshire with Clinton coming in second. Two way race the rest of the way.

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Shannonymous said...

I am daring to hope... (see my blog ;)

Did you hear about that report that Huckabee's son, while a TEENAGER at summer camp, stabbed, stoned and hung a dog? I'm not making this up, I swear.

thatch911 said...

Your New Hampshire predictions make sense. I wonder if Edwards will bail out after a poor showing in South Carolina. Let's hope this Huckabee lunacy ends soon...

dan said...

He is from Arkansas. I'm surprised he didn't make love to the dog.

I'm just kidding. I love you dirty hillbillies.

Shannonymous said...

seriously though, that is a disturbed, fucked up thing to BRUTALLY MURDER a dog-- what kind of parents does a kid like that have?!?!

Twingonaut said...

A threeway between McCain, Huckabee, and Giulliani? That's almost enough to turn me straight.

dan said...

I would have guessed that you would be more excited about the prospect of John Edwards becoming the first gay man to occupy the Oval Office.

Twingonaut said...

You forgot about Lincoln. Not a pretty gal, but one of us.

I'm afraid Edwards would leave a press conference if he heard an ambulance pass by.

dan said...

I don't think Lincoln, but his predecessor Bucchanan maybe. He was the only single man to ever occupy the office and questions were flying around him.

Do I know you Twingonaut? I see you're from Orlando. I went to college there you know?

Shannonymous said...

me too, me too! =)

Twingonaut said...

I didn't see your reply. You do know me, dan. Mike A.