Saturday, October 28, 2006

Who's Stealing Elections?

This is a huge problem. Now that it has become commonplace on the left to buy into the fairy tales surrounding the elections of '00 and '04, they will henceforth feel justified in cheating in able to achieve their goals. 'If their doing it then the only way to save the country is if we do it as well.' That is their justification.

ACORN accused of more bogus election forms

Posted on Wed, Oct. 25, 2006

CLAYTON, Mo. - St. Louis County Election officials claim hundreds of fraudulent voter address changes have been turned in by ACORN, a group that's been criticized for its voter sign-up work in Missouri.

St. Louis County's Republican elections director Joseph Goeke said if a county voter does not get a polling-place notification card in the mail right before the election, the address could have been changed behind their back.

Election Board employees estimate hundreds of fraudulent address changes were submitted.

The address changes included forged signatures and are among questionable or fraudulent voter registration cards submitted to the county within the past couple of months.

County officials told the St. Louis Post-Dispatch that most of the suspicious registrations and address changes were submitted by the Association of Community Organizations for Reform Now (ACORN).

Similar fraudulent voter registration cards have turned up this month in St. Louis city and this week in Kansas City, as well as other states, including Ohio.

The cases are often similar. Voter registration cards were forged for a dead person, had false signatures and change of addresses or incorrect and missing personal information, Goeke said.

ACORN has registered hundreds of thousands of legitimate voters across the country, paying workers about $8 an hour in some cases...

Every year the folks from ACORN do everything they can to steal our elections. And when they aren't rigging elections, they are stirring up trouble with their endless protest demonstrations.

So why is ACORN is one of the largest taxpayer funded programs out there? Why are they not only tolerated but funded by our government?

Just think what more ACORN will get in government largess with the Congress in control of the Democrats.

And what more they will be able to accomplish.

Piss the conspiracy theorists off. Vote for this guy:
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Jim Talent for Senate.

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