Tuesday, June 19, 2007


So NY Mayor Michael Bloomberg has gone from being a Democrat to being a Republican and is now uncommitted as he positions himself for an "Independent" run for the Presidency. While Ralph Nader's 2000 role as spoiler was a gift from God, a Bloomberg candidacy would be more reminiscent of Ross Perot's 1992 presidential bid. A bid which trimmed GOP voters from George H.W. Bush and handed Bill Clinton the keys to the Oval Office.

A lot of voters fall hard for that word "Independent" when they make their decisions regarding a candidate, mistakenly thinking that the "I" next to the candidates name, means that the candidate subscribes to a "middle of the road" ideology.
Fortunately, in this cycle voters should have had enough time between now and Election Day to see that Bloomberg’s even further to the left than most of those running on the Democratic side.

Bloomberg is only an” Independent” in the sense that he can spend a billion dollars of his own money in trying to get elected without the aide of an organized political party and that neither of the two major parties would ever nominate him for the Presidency. Otherwise, he’s an old-school New York liberal.

Not that I’m complaining. A Bloomberg candidacy should bode very well for the GOP, which faces an uphill battle in the upcoming cycle. Just look at New York State, where John Kerry beat George W Bush by 17% in 2004.

Bloomberg has a 70% approval rating in NYC right now and will almost certainly take votes away from Hillary in ’08, leaving the GOP vote intact (especially if the candidate is Rudy Giuliani)and putting one of the most left-leaning states in the nation back in play.

Because of all of his money, Bloomberg is very capable of getting at least 15% of the nationwide vote in ’08 and I’m guessing that those votes will overwhelmingly come from disaffected Democrats who don’tlike Hillary.

Therefore Bloomberg’s potential run could be the best thing to happen to Republicans…well…ever.

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