Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Four Important Races

I know that many of you have decided to take a nice long break from politics after the crazy presidential election ended on the day it was supposed to. But keep in mind that several key senate races have not yet been decided and one important Governor's race is just starting up. Here's the rundown:

Georgia: Saxby Chambliss didn't quite make it to the 50% mark that he needed to hit in the general in order to avoid a run off. I'm not really worried about it though. Chambliss will likely add to his margin over Jim Martin due to the fact that Obama's young foot soldiers and black supporters are unlikely to come out again for the final vote.

Alaska: It's unfortunate that a bad guy and convicted felon like Ted Stevens had to be our nominee. But he was and it looks like he will eke out a victory in his race for a 33rd term. Ironically, the reason that he will probably win is contrary to basic GOP principles. He has provided so much pork to his state that relatively everyone in the Final Frontier has benefited from the job he's done in Washington.

If he holds on, there is a very good chance that he will be expelled from the Senate leaving the door open for Governor Palin to appoint his successor.
Note To The Governor: Looking for a perfect replacement? Look in the mirror.

Minnesota: This one is really troubling because Norm Coleman is a great guy who has done a terrific job for the state. But the crazies up in the Land Of A Thousand Lakes have come very close to putting a real hater in the Senate in comedien Al Franken.

Anyone Minnesotan who voted for Barack Obama in hopes of unifying the nation and also voted for Franken is a hypocrite. Franken has said things in his career as a left-wing talk show host that would make Howard Dean blush. He is the exact opposite of what America needs at a time when political reconciliation and a change in tone are what Americans so desperately desire.

With additional votes magically appearing for Franken, it is becoming clear that someone is up to no good. We need transparency in the recount procedure so that Norm Coleman is returned to the Senate per the voters wishes.

Virginia: Finally, not only is it important that we turn Virginia red again after Obama's big win last Tuesday, but it's equally important that Democratic shill Terry McAuliffe is not installed in the governor's mansion. He has spent his entire career making money for his friends in Washington D.C. Virginia needs someone who is working for...you know...Virginians. we need to send Attorney General Bob McDonnell to Richmond in 2009. Virginia is where the second Republican Revolution will begin. Now is the time to shift our focus The Old Dominion.

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Anonymous said...

Of much more interest now are Obama's short lists of appointees. I was relieved, actually, that it was Obama instead of Clinton on the dem's ticket. Now it looks like we may see her in, of all things, the Secretary of State's office! We can't seem to get rid of her - the witch with a B is back! And did you see all the Clinton people lining up for jobs on the Hill?

knowitall said...

Too bad Obama has chosen Clinton, and her husbands former left-wing illuminati administration. It's the 90s all over again.