Friday, March 09, 2007

Idiot Of The Week

Today, Falling Panda will unveil a new weekly segment called "Idiot(s) of the Week", where we will select one person or group of people who have behaved in a manner that is embarrassing to human kind and rip them a new one.

And we could not have asked for a better bunch of Idiots for our inaugural post.

And so, without further ado, let me announce this weeks idiots..................... Drum roll.....................................................................................................................................................

Demetris McCoy and Vanswan Polty(That's right. Someone actually named their kid Vanswan.)

If these names aren't familiar to you, allow me to refresh your memory.

Earlier this week these two idiots were arrested for giving blunts (which is a type of marijuana cigarette) to two toddlers. One of them was five years old, the other was two. That's right, two years old.

As if getting toddlers high isn't dumb enough, these braniacs decided to videotape the entire thing.

If you haven't seen it, here it is. Try not to put your fist through your computer screen.

Demetris and Vanswan think the stoned toddlers are the funniest thing that they have ever seen. For me this ranks near the bottom in terms of funny videos I've seen, only slightly above Schindler's List.

The 17 and 18 year old call the children "potheads" and ask them if they have "the munchies." Nice. I hope Vanswan got some Cheetos, because I hear the food is pretty bad in prison.

The kid's mother Shat....Shatorinana...Shatoorria...oh forget it, who appears to be about 11 years old herself, was apparently sleeping in the back room and expressed "shock" that the two teenagers, both with criminal records (surprise, surprise), whom she left her children in the care of, would do something like this, and is upset that her kids were put into foster care.

Two years old!!!!!

Sharonda McCoy, the mother's sister, is not surprisingly named Sharonda.

Now, if you're an adult and you want to get high, that's fine, but subjecting toddlers to the effects of an illicit substance, and worse, encouraging them to use it, is child abuse.

In my view the mother is just as guilty as the two young men. No responsible mother in her right mind would ever leave her kids unsupervised with a couple of repeat offenders.

So for exhibiting enough stupidity to fill Bigfoot's Diaper, Vanswan Polty, Demetris McCoy, Mama McCoy and whoever videotaped this grotesque display of irresponsibility and child endangerment, are Falling Panda's Idiot's of the Week.

Runners Up: Bill Maher & Ann Coulter

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Abouna said...

And every time we think we have seen it all!.

Where in heaven's name do they dig up those rediculous names? No wonder they do such dumb crap, they'er just tryin' to get back at their parents for screwing up their lives with those names.

I look forward to your choice(s) for next week.

Shannonymous said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Shannonymous said...

This totally reminded me of the scenes in "Blood Diamond" when the African child soldiers are trained and given blunts, beers and guns. It is just another example of depraved idiots trying to brainwash children and bring them up in their own image.

If I am an idiot, a criminal, an addict, why shouldn't my child be as well?

I've heard of people try to get their pets high before, which is pretty sick, but kids?!?!

Anonymous said...

Abouna, your comment indicates that you possess a profound lack of intelligence that is both saddening and sickening. What those guys did was inarguably wrong, but it certainly had nothing to do with their names! I could go on to explain but your comment is so horrifyingly ignorant that its not even worth the effort. You should get the Idiot title just for that you blathering jackass!

Suncana A. said...

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Anonymous said...

Good choices for the Hall of Shame! But now you've gone and given me an earworm I though I had lost years ago. Help me Rhonda, help, help me Rhonda..........

David said...

The name game: I have no idea how these kids got their names, but I do know how Anfernee Hardaway got his: His mother, struggling to pronounce the name, "Anthony" at the Hospital, ended up with Anfernee on the birth certificate.

It turns out that he got a bonus out of this, the nickname "Penny", which surely got him more in endorsements than "Anthony" would have.

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