Saturday, March 31, 2007

Sewing Machine Company is Big Rosie Supporter

On Friday's edition of The View, Rosie and friends made a big deal over the Janome sewing machine.

The company obviously paid a lot to have their product featured on the show.

Below is a link where you can contact them and let them know how you feel about it.

This is the first big step towards getting Rosie off the air.

  • Contact Janome

  • The contact request will ask you for a Model number. DC2007LE. It's the model that rosie is holding. For Dealer name F&S Fabrics will do nicely. It appears, however that you can also make both of these up.

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    Diane said...

    Sorry Dan. Cannot sent message because I need a model number and dealer number. Take this on down and put up one from another company.

    Falling Panda said...

    I have added both to the blog.

    Anonymous said...

    Why can't you idiots on the right see the truth. 9/11 is an inside job. And the RepubliCONS are the ones who did this along with Israel. Wake the FUC* Up

    kira said...

    Falling Panda,

    Too bad you don't believe in Democracy and free speech - how un-American of you.

    Besides, what does this have to do with the politics of government ... the fact that Rosie likes a certain sewing machine?? Not only that, she was being very GENEROUS, giving machines to every person in the audience. Something I don't see in you.

    Stop being so wrapped up in this kind of small-mindedness & start looking at what's being taken away from us by the politicians who are servants, not of the people as they should be but of the corporations.

    Get a grip and start educating yourself about real politics not this stupidity.