Friday, March 23, 2007

Idiot of the Week

This week’s idiot, isn’t a “who” since it’s unclear who is responsible for the idiotic idea for which the award is being given.

Therefore, the award will have to given to everyone at the web site which has won, and like The Stanley Cup should be printed up and spend at least a few days, framed in each household.

So allow me to congratulate the employees of …………………………….........................

.....for making that web site our Idiot of the Week.

Last week, “bodog”, a gambling website, which focuses primarily on sports betting, started taking wagers as to whether or not Heather Mills (formerly Heather Mills McCartney) would have her prosthetic leg fall off while performing on the hit ABC show “Dancing With The Stars.”

That’s right…her prosthetic leg.

The rules stipulated that Mill's leg "must fall off, not be purposely taken off, during a dance routine for all Yes wagers to be graded a win."
Most people voted “no” and I have to assume, were overjoyed when Mills got through her Foxtrot with leg intact.

Everyone involved in this thing deserves a beating.

Obviously, the person at, who thought this up, needs psychological help.

Anyone who took the wager, needs counseling, even If this was their first gambling experience, and anyone watching “Dancing With The Stars”, needs to get cable, because I refuse to believe that anyone with 500 channels, is going to voluntarily watch B-list celebrities, ballroom dance for an hour.

I’m not exactly sure about this Heather Mills character either.

She seems to me like a classier, less dead version of Anna Nicole Smith.

They’re both models, they both married gazillionaires and then thought that they were entitled to their money once the marriage ended and they are both famous in large part because of their fake body parts.

Mills is not well liked in England, but seems to be savvy enough to use her disability, and her short lived marriage to a Beatle, to her advantage.

So set aside the fact that we are glamourizing gold diggers as of late, that's a matter for another post.

What this whole thing tells us is that people will bet on anything, these days, no matter how distastefull, and that the viewers of “Dancing With the Stars” gave the Mill’s episode incredibly high ratings, for one of two reasons.

Either, they wanted to see Mills overcome adversity and dance well despite her handicap, or they were hoping to see an unfortunate accident involving the leg.
What does your gut tell you?

Either way, the entire situation is just more proof of the world’s ongoing transition from a society that once had a basic sense of what was morally acceptable (i.e. betting on card games)to a world with an “anything goes” mentality (i.e. betting on whether or not a crippled woman’s leg will fly off on national television.)

Or maybe we as a civilization are just experiencing a fascination with one-legged women.

Here’s a poster for an upcoming Quentin Tarantino film, that has received a lot of attention:

If that’s the case, then good for them. Cosmetic leg-removal procedures will be all the rage in Beverly Hills by next summer.

So, you are the winner, but this was a big week for idiots, so let’s go over some of the runner’s up real quick:

The Senate Judiciary Committee: For their ongoing attempts to embarrass the administration with a phony scandal. The President should ignore them until they tire themselves out and under no circumstances send anyone to testify in Patrick Leahy’s proposed perjury trap.

Mark Cuban: The Owner of the Dallas Mavericks, for funding the release of “Loose Change” the wing-nut hit piece, which tries (and completely fails) to prove that 9/11 was an inside job.

House Democrats: For their cowardly war spending bill, filled with not only timetables for withdrawal, but also with lots of pork for peanut and spinach farmers

Code Pink: Not just for their wrongheaded ideas disguised as a feminist crusade, but also for alienating the only people who even remotely support their crazy cause, by trying to invade their offices and “pin the war on the Donkey”. Namely, Speaker Pelosi. This is not how you get things done ladies. Keep it up.

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Shannonymous said...

I actually like watching "Dancing WIth the Stars" occaisionally, but watching Heather Mills is like watching Howdy Doody in a dress. As low as tv stations sink for ratings, I don't think anyone would 'jump the shark' and have her leg fly off... and as much of a media whore as she is, I don't think she'd let it happen either.

Abouna said...

If cosmetic leg removal becomes the rage next year, do you think someone might come up with the idea to have a "leg storage" service, where those with the money would pay to have their lopped off limb kept on ice just incase they changed their minds in a couple of years?

Oh Gosh, that is a great idea, I think I will hurry up and patent it, then we bet on who will be the first to seek re-attachment.

David said...

Death pools have been around for decades...I don't see this as much different, nor is it any reflection on our society. As much as Bill O'Reilly and Sean Hannity might make their living off of decrying our society as being in cultural decline, it's really not changed a lot in the past 50 yrs or so. But, like a former relationship, we tend to view the past with rose-tinted spectacles.

As for "loose change", it is indeed a waste of time. want to convince me that the government has been able to keeps hundreds of unharmed passengers quiet (presumably without killing them) about a national tragedy where they are supposed to be dead. Oh, yeah, and their families and friends and...

As it say on my myspace page, "extraordinary claims require extraordinary evidence." This applies as equally to conspiracy theories as it does to the existence of invisible all-powerful people in the sky.

Also...following our discussion last night, I thought of something that I would like to ask my Judeo-Christian-Muslim friends:

Do pre-bibical humans get to go to heaven? I mean, now that we know for a fact that billions of people lived and died before there was a tablet of 10 commandments or any moral guidance from the universe's supreme commander...what of all of those people? Do they get grandfathered into heaven or just left out b/c they were born too early?

Also, is it only Homo Sapiens who get to go, or can Neanderthals or Cro-Magnons get in too? How about Homo Erectus, or is he too "primitive"?