Friday, March 21, 2008


Bill Ricardson's decision to endorse Barack Obama surprised me.

In the midst of a scandal which could turn the nomination to Clinton, Former Bill Clinton employee Richardson, endorses Obama?

Richardson should go with his heart when picking a candidate. But he is a politician and going with Hillary would have been far more beneficial to him politically. Then again, shaving would have been smart too.

In a Hillary Clinton general election campaign, Richardson would have been on the short list for the second spot on the ticket. There's no chance of that if Obama's the nominee.

In addition to this, if Obama loses in the general election, which I believe is likely, Hillary will be the frontrunner for the nomination the next time around. It wil be an "I told you so" candidacy.

Richardson's abandonment of the Clintons will be remembered.

On the other hand, Richardson could potentially land a Sec. Of State position in an Obama Admin.

This endorsement is also another sign that it would take a miracle for Clinton to come back and snag the nomination.

Something else.

NBC's Mark Murray seems to think that this week was a bad one for John McCain, ignoring his surge in the polls and the attention he recieved on the world stage. Instead he chose to focus on this:

"For McCain, it was his Shiite-Sunni gaffe, which allowed Democrats to have a field day criticizing his understanding of Iraq, as well as his commander-in-chief credentials."

The increasingly left-wing ideologues who work at NBC wish that McCain's slip of the tongue was as big of a deal as Obama's racist pastor.

Unfortunately, even the lefties at NBC know that McCain has discussed the situation in Iraq as well as the Sunni,Al Queda/Shia,Iran, issue in detail, numerous times and didn't get the names confused.

The truth is that it was a great week for McCain. As his potential general election opponant wallows in Pastorgate, he looks presidential and is building a lead which could be very difficult for Obama to overcome when and if the focus of the campaign moves from questions about Obama's pastor, to the question of who would be the best commander-in-chief.

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Shannonymous said...

Why wouldn't Richardson be on Obama's list for VP?

Falling Panda said...

Unlike Obama, Richardson is very experienced and knowledgeble on Foreign policy issues.

However, if he chooses him, Obama's risks becoming a candidacy more defined by race that it already is.

Look for an old white guy like Chris Dodd or Joe Biden. If it's Hillary, Evan Bayh, the popular junior senator from Indiana may also be on the table.

Shannonymous said...

I guess you're right... this ONE time ;)