Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Poor Lanny Davis

To have to go on the air and make excuses, every time the Clinton's tell an obvious lie, must be so humiliating.

It's also hard to fathom that a sitting senator and a woman who wants to be President, now has less credibility than comedian Sinbad. Sometimes I wonder if this lady even knows that she's lying or if it's just a reflex.

If Hillary Clinton didn't have such a truth-telling problem as well as a tendency towards evasive answers i.e. illegal immigrant driver liscenses, she would have wrapped the Democratic nomination up, long ago.

Her problem is that she thinks that because she is a Clinton, that she can get away with anything. It worked for her husband, therefore it will inveitably work for her.

Thankfully this time the press did their job.

I wouldn't want to be a Democrat right now. That's not just partisan spin. It's coming from a guy who realizes that this isn't the best time to be a Republican.

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