Thursday, March 20, 2008

"A Typical White Person"

So does this mean that Rev. Wright is a "typical" black person? Geez, I hope not!

Keep digging Barack. McCain's up by 10.

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John, New Orleans Personal Training said...

When Jesse says it it ok, but when Grandma says it is not OK.

Jesse “There is nothing more painful to me…than to walk down the street and hear footsteps and start thinking about robbery, then look around and see somebody white and feel relief.”

Obama about Grandma: "she is a typical white person...fear of black men who passed by her on the street"

If the above is acceptable is it acceptable to say that typical black people eat lots of fried chicken? It is sad. I find any stereotyping unfortunate.

Anonymous said...

He's a hypocrite.

He slams his Grandma for stereotyping and then two days later he does it himself.

Shannonymous said...

GOD you anonymous people are so ignorant!!!

Dan said...

He may be anonymous, but he does have a point. He did do exactly what the guy said.

Steve said...

LOL Settle down Shannonymous. You'll blow your white guilt gasket.

BBishop said...

what's the argument here, exactly?
that your average whitey DOESN'T get that funny squirmy feeling inside upon spotting a black person coming at them in a dark alley or otherwise empty subway station?

dan said...

I think that it's important to be specific rather than to make sweeping generalizations the way that Obama has.

If I see a black guy dressed like 50-cent coming towards me on a lonely street at 1am, then yes, I get a bit cautious. Anyone would.

The thug culture scares people because thugs commit crimes.

However a black man dressed in a suit or walking down the same street with his black family, that doesn't scare me in the least. His color isn't the issue.

"Typical" white people don't get scared because of the race of the individual, only by the way they present themselves, which unfourtunately, for many black men, mirrors the negative sterotypes which they see in rap videos or hollywood films.

So being afraid of the 50 cent wannabe is not something that I need to be ashamed of. said...

Barack Obama called his Grandmother a 'Typical White Person'. Now you can get it on Shirts, Stickers, Hats, Buttons, Mugs and More from

Shannonymous said...

Steve: why should I settle down? I don't have "white guilt" at all, but these are issues I'm passionate about, and I think it is ridiculous for people to throw around insults rather than making intelligent arguments! Every newscaster and most journalists in America applauded Obama's speech on race. He is brilliant, NOT a hypocrite.

Anonymous said...

Obama isnt anything good. He's the Devil.