Friday, February 22, 2008

Black, White and Yellow All Over

The first non-candidate causality of Election ’08 is surprising in its timing, but not unexpected.

At some point, the hearsay, innuendo and scandal mongering of the supermarket tabloids crept from the checkout isle and jumped onto Page One of The New York Times.

We have turned a corner however and before the Time’s smear of John McCain even reached newsstands, fair-minded individuals were all over the “paper of record” for their irresponsible journalism aimed at hurting the perspective Republican nominee.

Some will argue that the papers primary endorsement of McCain shows that the paper has no grudge against the perspective nomminee. That they were just reporting the news.

To this I say, go look at the Time's half-hearted, primary endorsement of McCain and then compare it with the glowing, rave which they printed on the same day endorsing Hillary. Who do you think that paper will give their stamp of approval to come election time?

After seven years of revealing clandestine government programs, giving favors to far-left advertisers and monolithic liberalism on their editorial page, a significant portion of the mainstream media finally got the message that any criticism of a Republican found on the pages of the Times is written in sand, not stone.

McCain's reaction made him look presidential, helped unify his base and diminished the Time's credibility for the remainder of this election cycle.

It's a big win for him and a big loss for the Gray Lady. However it is a loss that the paper richly deserves. Bill Keller is the next thing which that paper should lose.

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1 comment:

Anonymous said...

I have had home delivery of the Times for 20 years. I think I am going to cancel and get my news from the internet.
The NYT endorsed McCain because he is the most liberal, but they also knew they would not be able to use the story if he was not the potential candidate.