Thursday, February 14, 2008

Pelosi Fiddles, Obama Cowers

McCain '08. Exhibit "A"

Thursday, February 14, 2008
As Of Saturday, Even Roger Clemens Is At Risk
Posted by: Duane R. Patterson at 2:34 PM

You've got to love the priorities of the House Democrats. They spend most of the day yesterday going after Roger Clemens and what he did or did not have injected into his glutes eight years ago by a creepy trainer that seems to have a used syringe collection as a hobby.

Nancy Pelosi and Co. had one simple task today - pass the FISA law permanently. FISA is already in effect to make sure the country stays protected. It has led to the breakup of terrorist cells, and it's prevented attacks on American soil. And it expires tomorrow, meaning as of Saturday, our national intelligence agencies legally can't intercept phone calls outside the country between two parties planning attacks here or in the countries of our allies.

The Senate passed a clean version of the FISA bill Tuesday in a bipartisan manner. The President has already said he's willing to sign the Senate version. On a side note, Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton failed to vote for the final passage in the Senate yesterday. I guess change and hope have little to do with defending and protecting the country.

Back to the House today, all that had to happen was for Nancy Pelosi to stop playing games with our country's defense and bring up the Senate version for a vote. But game playing seems to be what Pelosi does best. Instead of putting the country ahead of partisan politics, she substituted another 21 day extension of the existing law as a stop-gap. That was rejected immediately by House Republicans, the President, and even the hard left members of the House Democrats, who have their collective heads so far in the sand that they see no foreign threats. They want the bill to go away period.

Moments ago, John Boehner and the House Republicans got so fed up at Pelosi's antics that they walked out in a mass protest.

Ms. Pelosi, the time for games has long gone. If you want to stake the political future of your party on weakening the national defense and hoping we don't get attacked again, that's certainly your right. I hope you can live with the consequences when something bad happens because of your actions today.

Today is another reason why those of you upset with the specter of a John McCain candidacy need to realize why this election in November does matter so much. Obama and Clinton don't view FISA as important enough to even vote on. In fact, Obama was there and voted for amendments to weaken the overall bill that eventually failed. But when the final passage vote came up, Obama walked away and didn't cast a vote. John McCain was there, and McCain voted to pass it.

The Democratic Party, in spite of all the flowering press over the two Democratic candidates, just are not serious about protecting the country. The Republican Party, in spite of all the fissures and fractures on policy issues, still get national defense and security right.

The story that should come out of this, but won't, is how the Democrats were so beholden to the trial lawyers, that they refused to enact the absolutely necessary provision, which gave the telecom companies immunity from lawsuits involving terrorism related, government wiretaps.

Aren't the Democrats always telling us that it's the GOP that works for the special interests and not for the American people?

The Democrats appear to believe that the phone company is more dangerous than Al-Queda. Except for Mr. Obama of course who can't be troubled with trivial matters such as national security and terrorism. After all, including those issues in his speeches would take up valuable time during which he could be repeatedly saying the word "hope".

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