Friday, February 08, 2008

Fear-Mongering Fear

Over the past six years, some on the left have accused the Bush administration of using "fear" or "fear-mongering" in order to gain politically from the threat, or as the left claims, the imagined threat of radical Islamic thought.

Most recently, the Democrats' Rookie of the Year, Barack Obama accused the GOP of this in his Super Tuesday speech, garnering a supportive reaction from his audience of political neophytes and starry-eyed idealists. He said:
"When I’m president, we will put an end to the politics of fear, a politics that uses 9/11 as a way to scare up votes. We’re going to start seeing 9/11 as a challenge that should unite America and the world against the common threats of the 21st century, terrorism and nuclear weapons, climate change and poverty, genocide and disease."(APPLAUSE)

Ironically, using "...9/11 to scare up votes" is exactly what Obama was doing with this statement.

This was the first time during his relatively substance-free campaign that I felt the same anger towards Obama that I have felt towards the other Democrats who have used the same kind of unpatriotic rhetoric over the years.

That's right, I used the word "unpatriotic." I do not use that word lightly.

Despite what those on the left say, neither I nor anyone that I can think of in the administration has ever used that word to describe those who disagree with them on the War On Terror. Here it applies perfectly.

To imply that this administration has used "fear" unnecessarily and for political gain, without any evidence to back up that claim is unpatriotic and a bit nauseating. Mr. Obama should be called out immediately for this statement which has no basis in fact and which reeks of exactly the type of political opportunism and divisiveness, which Obama's supporters claim that they are sick of.

Ron Silver, an actor who broke away from the monolithic liberalism of the acting community after the events of 9/11, has a terrific piece on his blog regarding this issue. The left's recent proclivity to attempt to erode trust in their own government on the most important issue of our time in order to win elections should be rejected by all Americans. Here's that article:

Six and a half years ago, we saw the damage brought about by the actions of fewer than 20 Islamic-extremists. There are many more out there who want to attack us again and in a fashion that would dwarf the attacks on the Pentagon and The World Trade Center. If you refuse to take this threat seriously, you're naive. If you're a presidential candidate who refuses to take it seriously, you're clearly not ready to assume the office.

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Anonymous said...

Anyone that takes the time to read the Hadith and the Quran will learn for themselves that Islam really is the problem. Democracy depends upon an educated electorate. Lets hope that the American people will rise to the challenge and not elect a man whose brother is a radical Islamist in Kenya and whose pastor and mentor is smitten with Farrakan. The National Journal ranks Obama the most liberal member of the Senate. Do we want to be a socialist nation in 4-8 years?

C.J. said...

Thank you to the commenter above and the blogger. You've made me giggle, and I appreciate it. Happy complaining over the next 4-8 years.

DrRenShen said...

Happier hearing people complaining while we enjoy our first woman president, the first of many.

Lefties are so stupid said...

Yep, cj, "giggles" when he thinks about Jihadists nuking one of our cities. They will never do that once we have a Moslem President? A woman President will be able to mollify them? 9/11 was like a million years ago, dude. Bush lied kids died?

Obama and Hillary have little appeal outside the self-important and the ignorant, unfortunately this makes up nearly 50% of the American public. The commenters "cj" and "drrenshen" exemplify this sad fact.

Even though they are willfully blind in the face of direct threats these people do not deserve to die in a nuclear explosion or it's aftermath. Their continued inability to blame terrorism around the world on the people who do it will guarantee it.

Anonymous said...

Mr. Panda,
If you honestly believe that 9/11 has not been used for political purposes by the current inhabitant of the WH, you should crawl back under the rock you were under in 2004. Comments about mushroom clouds and various risk of attack were spread by C. Rice, D. Cheney and G. Bush all the way through that campaign. They tried it again in 2006, but people were on to them and didn't go for it. If you are on the internet, you should use some of your keystrokes to investigate and learn before you post ignorant garbage.

BuddyBoy said...

You can't understand Obama unless you understand his wife, Michelle his closest advisor. Here are two videos from Michelle on the subject of fear that are very enlightening:
Michelle Obama: Be not afraid
Michelle Obama On Her Husband's Security

slackerboys said...

I know it is difficult but please try to remember we went to Iraq not because they attacked us 9/11, we need to secure the oil fields. The islamic extemists are still doing well up north in Afghanistan and Pakistan. And also remember 5 of the largest deficits and budgets in history were under the Republicans (4 to Bush Jr, 1 to Bush Sr). So the conservative movement now finds itself adrift. No wonder, because of Iraq we are now more vulnerable at home.

Anonymous said...

Obama's going to use 9/11 to unite the world against climate change?

Anonymous said...

I am sorry, but the whole redneck 'you are unpatriotic' and 'If you don't agree with my view you must be a Jap/North Korean/Russian/Isalm/Taliban/whoever supporter because there is no other view' is the reason people generally think bad things about Americans.

I don't agree with a leader who, -when asked "[is] national security more important than human rights?" Clinton responded, "I agree with that completely. The first obligation of the president of the United States is to protect and defend the United States of America.-

It sickens me to think of a country trampling on another country's rights just so they can shoot them some gooks- er, I mean... whatever person you are fighting.

Chris said...

I just started reading your blog. You’re a better man than I am Mr. Panda. I couldn't stand having to post these comments from all these liberals. You must have a keyboard full of puke after you read this stuff.

They all think Bush is still running for office and they are so mad about the "lies." But even if Bush did "lie" as you all claim, I can’t blame him. It’s really the only way he could rally support. Liberals would only have acted if there starbucks was at risk. They will never understand that Americans as a free people have a duty to fight evil. If not us than who?