Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Obama's Baby Mama

For the first time in my adult life, I am really proud of my country." - Michelle Obama

I'm not prepared to make any Theresa Heinz Kerry comparisons as of yet, however, all indicators point to the fact that Michelle Obama is not quite ready for prime time.

My first memory of Mrs. Obama is from the night of Nov. 2, 2004. Her husband had just been elected to the U.S. Senate and Michelle Obama introduced her husband for his victory speech, referring to him as her "baby's daddy".

While no one is arguing that it's a positive thing that the father of Michelle Obama's children is in fact married to Michelle Obama, the use of this slang term by a senator-elect's spouse caused everyone in the room that night to look at each other curiously and subsequently explode into laughter. "Did she really just say that?"

So now we find out that Mrs. Obama hasn't really been that big of an America fan for most of her life.

Now, for those of you who are regular readers here, you know that I'm not one of those tin-foil hat individuals who believes that Obama is a Muslim sleeper-cell, hoping to get elected so that he can infiltrate our government from the inside.

However, all of these little things are beginning to add up. His refusal to wear a flag pin, his ho-hum reaction to The National Anthem. While these small instances shouldn't get BHO sent to Gitmo or anything, they are odd behaviors for an individual who wants to be President Of The United States.

His wife's bizarre shame of her own nation is perplexing, especially coming from a woman who has benefited so greatly from being an American. She epitomizes the American dream, going from the south-side of Chicago to the Ivy League and now potentially to The White House.

Is it possible that Obama's entire campaign is aimed at those on the left who really don't like America? Those who believe that our nation is not a force for good in the world?

To disapprove of the actions of an administration or an individual is acceptable, but you really have to be delusional to see America's recent legacy as being devoid of things to be proud of.

And if it's too shameful for Mrs. Obama to be the First Lady of a nation in which she only recently found pride in calling home, I understand that there is a position that recently opened up just south of Florida. Perhaps she and some of her husband's supporters would be happier there.

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mike volpe said...

You know the blogosphere works like an echo chamber most of the time. This is becoming the obsession with most bloggers on the right side. She made a mistake. It is called a gaffe in politics, but if the conservative media tries to milk this too much, like pieces like yours, and there will be those that ask why you all are making such a big deal out of a few misspoken words.

There is plenty of legitimate criticism to make about Obama don't manufacture a controversy because it looks desperate and our side doesn't need to be desperate. Hit Obama with plenty of legitimate things, and let this one go where all gaffes go.

Here is how I saw it...


Falling Panda said...

I have to respectfully take issue with you on this one.

Mrs. Obama said what she said and then repeated it. I'm not sure if that qualifies as a "gaffe".

A "gaffe" would be a botched joke which unintentionally insults our troops. This was commentary on the way many liberals see America.

It is fair to question this worldview and call into question whether or not we want people who espouse this world view in the White House.

I don't expect conservative bloggers to dwell on this incident, I certainly wont, but it is fair game. Especially when trying to knock some of the shine off a candidate who has not been held at all accountable by the mainstream media for anything he has ever said or done.

P.S. - I tried to leave this in your comments sections but I'm not sure if it took.

Anonymous said...

This guy is long winded. He won the Wisconsin primary. That is not an excuse to make an hour long speech on lead paint in Chinese toys.

Not to mention the fact that he talks about being a free-market guy and then goes on to talk about repealing the Bush tax-cuts.

This guy is an empty suit.

Anonymous said...

OBAMA, is a homosexual, ask LARRY SINCLAIR what did he do to OBAMA back in 1999?and why is OBAMA a fan of CHE GUEVERRA.

Bandit said...

This is standard rhetoric from the left and from do gooders - Mrs. Clinton said almost the exact same thing a few years ago - she wasn't proud of her country but she was proud of what it could become or some such BS. Listen to Gore in '00 - after 8 years as VP everything was wrong and he had to 'fight' to fix it. Just standard campaign drivel.

Anonymous said...

The defense the Michelle apologists are using is that Obama said "first time I'm REALLY proud", emphasizing the word "really", meaning "she's always been proud, but now she's just EXTRA proud."


Unfortunately, that's the amended version of her PROUD remark. The first time she made it, earlier that day, the word "really" wasn't anywhere in there. Only added after the $h*t hit the fan.

She said "this is the first time I'm proud of America". Period. Disgraceful.

Out on youtube for the skeptical.

rapchat said...

I doubt anyone reading this could deliver half as many public speeches as she has and not make some wording mistake worse than this one. Everyone know she meant that she was prouder now than ever before, not implying that she never felt any American pride up until know. This is a non-starter of an issue.

Anonymous said...

For the record, many are sincere in the belief that one of the most overtly patriotic administrations in history has produced one of the worst implementations of American ideals.

Michelle Obama might just as well have said, "I have never felt *this* way before," a sentiment true for me when I was first elected to office by a large margin in 1996, and then again, by a blowout in 2000.

As a true political outsider, I could not then fawn over democracy or America, but I could implement my understanding of its ideals, better, so said my constituents, than those who wrapped themselves in the symbols of belonging, and who used cliches to avoid seeing their many obvious failures.

Having been a political insider, I cannot now fawn over democracy or America, but I can say this: there is no place else I would rather live, and there is no better system.

I say it without an ounce of "pride", because I know how profoundly it is both the good news and the bad news. Democracy really is the worst decision-making system I have participated in, except of course, for all the others.

If you can't see the bad news, I think you're a little scary, and I think you really can't truly see the good news.

For your own sake, maybe its time your broadened your emotional litmus test. Throw away the symbols, and help make peoples lives better.

Anonymous said...

While I agree that many things are said on the trail and a bit overblown, but I have to ask everyone what would have happened if Hillary Clinton said the same thing? There would be no mercy..it would have been the lead story and every pundit would have his/her day.
As a Democrate I am proud and satisfied with both candidates but I am chagrined by the treatment Hillary has gotten during this process. I wish someone would do a day by day analysis of press coverage since December to see what is really fair and balanced. I think folks would be surprised.

quiet strength said...

Wow. Racist (Any other reason you chose "baby mama" than that they're black? Is Laura Bush no longer the first lady, but just a baby mama?) and stupid. Quite a combination you managed to pull off there. Congratulations on over-analyzing a poor choice of words.

bandit said...

Racist (Any other reason you chose "baby mama" than that they're black?

Michelle Obama introduced her husband for his victory speech, referring to him as her "baby's daddy".

Wow - you're not only a racist you're illiterate as well.

but I have to ask everyone what would have happened if Hillary Clinton said the same thing?

As I wrote before - she already has - there was some note of it at the time but it wasn't during a campaign and was more of a response than a statement

Dave H said...

This WOULD be a non-issue if her husband hadn't made such a habit of expressing the same sentiment. Why can't he wear a flag on his lapel? Why can't he put his hand over his heart when the National Anthem plays. Of course, it's a free country, but there are only enough people in the country who feel the same way to nominate him, not to elect him. Wait until somebody asks him in a debate, "If elected, do you intend to put your hand on the bible and add 'so help me God' to the oath." Then we'll get a speech on par with Hilary's defense of driver's licenses for illegals.

Anonymous said...

This type of commentary is desperate, pathetic and truly reflective of the "old school" rhetoric. What the future First Lady said was - this is the first time in her "adult life" (not entire life) that she was "really proud" of America (not the 1st time she's ever been proud). Hardly a radical statement from a minority woman in this country. And, for the record, she made it from rags to riches in spite of how incredibly difficult the odds are for a Black woman in America (not because of it). That's not to say that America is not the best country to live in for some, but we are no where near perfect, and those who believe we are (or never complain about it) are living in a perpetual state of disillusionment. Let's not pretend that America is a place that has been idaelly designed for the ascension of Black women. PLEASE KEEP IT REAL PEOPLE!

Anonymous said...

The woman is a disgrace. These clowns must be stopped.

Donald Douglas said...

Dan: I too take issue with Michelle Obama. Everyone's saying words have meaning, so why should we except the "future first wife."

She's a disaster; classic left-wing America-bashing.

quiet strength said...

Michelle Obama's reference to "baby's daddy" = A joke. Light hearted.

This title = Indignant white people. Race baiting.

This column = Douchebags looking for any chance to rip into Obama getting their wish. Congrats.

bandit = An idiot who responds to being called an idiot by calling the accuser an idiot. Apologies in advance for your inevitable struggles in following.

bandit said...

This title = Indignant white people. Race baiting. That's where I knew you were a racist - there's nothing hard to follow

Anonymous said...

You're starting to see it, Mike. Yes, all these "little" things ARE starting to add up.

Refusing to wear a lapel pin? I am at a loss to explain his rationale. The lapel pin is the single most visible and easy way to identify yourself with our country. That is, to say, I am on your side, the RIGHT side! What could be easier?

Lacking extreme emotion during the pledge of allegiance? I can't recite the pledge without my eyes getting at least a little watery. Should we ask less of our president?

His wife saying she just recently became proud of her country? After liberating Saddam's oppressed and generously exporting our #1-requested brand of democracy, it just goes to show.... liberals will disrespect the greatest sacrifice.

So add up, they do, and don't discount the Obama sleeper cell argument. Please remember to include the H in BHO, remember that Fox News reports (no, they didn't make the allegation, someone else did) that even a fist-jab can be a terrorist symbol, and what if, heaven forbid, he is even, as your commenter said, a homosexual. Careful loyal countrymen, take all possible precautions.

God Bless