Sunday, February 10, 2008

More Defeatism From The Democrats

AP- House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-Calif.) said twice Sunday that Iraq “is a failure,” adding that President Bush’s troop surge has “not produced the desired effect.”

“The purpose of the surge was to create a secure time for the government of Iraq to make the political change to bring reconciliation to Iraq,” Pelosi said on CNN’s “Late Edition.” “They have not done that.”

"There haven't been gains, Wolf,” the speaker replied. “The gains have not produced the desired effect, which is the reconciliation of Iraq. This is a failure. This is a failure."

Didn't Pelosi learn anything, when her partner in dumb, Harry Reid was pilloried from all sides for proclaiming the war "lost"?

Ten years from now, if Iraq is a stable, peaceful democracy, and history has proven that Bush's actions were not only justified but also beneficial to the reigion and to security here at home, I hope that Americans have the collective memory to remember how Reid and Pelosi attempted to undermine and politicize the war effort at every turn.

Political reconciliation can only come if people are not getting blown up in the streets. Any honest observer- as well as Rep.Murtha - can clearly see that the surge has worked magnificently in quelling violence around the country.

The Democrats new strategy, as witnessed by their collective hissy fit when John McCain implied that the U.S. may need to have a presence in Iraq for 100 years, is to insist that our strategy in Iraq isn't working, simply because we're there.

The Democrats can't stand the thought of U.S. success in Iraq. They know it would set their party back another 25 years on the issue of national security, just as their refusal to take on the Soviet Union and their bungling and subsequent surrender in Southeast Asia, made them the party of defeat throughout the later part of the 20th century.

Between Hillary crying for a third time last night after losing another handful of primaries and Democratic congressional leaders doing everything they can in order to force the U.S. military to run home from Baghdad with their tails between their legs, is it any wonder that the GOP has picked McCain as their standard bearer?

Despite all of his faults, at least McCain can be trusted not to snatch defeat from the jaws of victory or to allow the Democrats to send harmful messages to our troops in the field, when the truth is that they are changing the world for the better, by democratizing a region, which so desperately needs it.

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C.J. said...

Do you ever wonder why it is you're in the minority?

colecurtis said...

That is the best I have seen either one of them look in years and quite natural too. Welcome to the family.

Donald Douglas said...

Great posting!

We need more and more essays like this, as the general election picture comes into clearer focus.

Keep it up!!