Wednesday, September 26, 2007


You know, this whole liberal media bias thing, that conservatives like myself talk about all of the time, isn't just something we crazy Republicans made up one day because we were bored.

There are oodles of examples and the Internet has made it so much easier to point them out to all of the sceptics.

Now, I know that getting pummeled in the ratings night after night by someone whose political views they detest, must really suck for the folks over at CNN, but that's no excuse for the stunt that the network pulled on Monday.

CNN race corespondent Roland Martin took a few lines from O'Reilly's morning radio broadcast in which he was talking about his experiences at a restaurant in Harlem and proceeded to take them out of context in order to make them sound as if O'Reilly had said something racist. You can view the video here:

  • CNN Story

  • It turns out that CNN had gotten the quotes from the left-wing website, Media Matters, whose whole reason for being is to nit-pick every statement made by right- wing talk radio hosts and FNC commentators and then twist it so that it sounds like they're lying.

    Now, I listened to the entire Radio Factor broadcast that morning. When listened to in its entirety there is nothing that could be construed as even remotely racist in what O'Reilly said. In fact its just the opposite. Don't believe me? Think I'm just some crazy right-winger trying to defend racists? Well then check it out. You can listen to the entire hour of the show here:

  • Monday's "Radio Factor." Hour Two.

  • This incident, in concurrence with the discount which The New York Times gave to Move.On for they're "General Betray Us" ad paints a picture of a mainstream media that is not only liberal, but also corrupt to the core.

    They are so desperate to compete with FNC that they have become mouth pieces for vicious left-wing sites. The only practical purpose such sites serve is to be used as an outlet for individuals who hate the Bush administration and conservatives in general. Any self-respecting journalist could tell you that they should never, ever be used as a news source.

    This whole incident is disgusting, but fortunately, O'Reilly is no shrinking violet. If there is any justice, this whole thing should be a lesson for CNN, just as the Move.On ad was a complete embarrassment for The Times and pretty much destroyed any credibility Move.On had to begin with.

    As for Roland Martin, he's the new poster boy for irresponsible journalism, since Dan Rather needs to now be ridiculed for his insane lawsuit instead of for his bogus story.

    They should give me his job.

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    mike volpe said...

    In this case, it isn't as much liberal bias as pure envy and competition. O'Reilly is killing them ratings wise and they saw an opportunity and no one much cared that the attacks were bogus. The more important story is that George Soros is behind the group that initiated the attack, Media Matters. George Soros is also behind the group also becoming famous for their own vicious attacks.

    I just wrote about this myself on my own blog...

    todd anthony said...

    If there's anything we can learn from this as well, is that Bill O'Reilly has endured this sort of crap before (whereby comments made either on his radio or tv show are taken out of context). He's used it to his advantage before, demonstrating how tacky and classless the Left is.


    Anonymous said...

    Bravo... perfectly stated.

    How all of his attackers would dearly love to be Bill O'Reilly, from the most insignificant columnist in our biased local newspaper to the "big guns" on CNN, MSNBC, et al. He is admired in this home. His books are excellent. "Go Bill O'Reilly"!

    A happy homemaker in her 70s keeping up with the times so different from her day.

    Anonymous said...

    O'Reilly's show is killing CNN and MSNBC. I've watched the show opposite O'reilly's on CNN and it really sucks. They pander to gay's, planned parenthood, and everything in between. I used to watch CNN and I no longer do. I can't stand them.