Friday, September 28, 2007

Who Is Doctor Boyce Watkins?

"Who will win the battle between 50-Cent and Kanye?"

That's the question of the week on Dr. Boyce Watkin's Web-Site:

  • Your Black World

    Important life altering questions like this, apparently qualify you to be a CNN analyst on the topic of race in America.

    Dr. Watkins, a professor at Syracuse, attacked liberal (yes children, there are liberals on FOX)FNC commentator Juan Williams last week, for defending O'reilly when he was smeared by CNN.

    It wasn't just an attack for defending someone whose political views Watkins disagreed with. Watkins called Williams a "Happy Negro."

    For those of you who don't know, that's the same thing as calling a black person an "Uncle Tom" or a "House N*****." But for some reason Williams is the bad guy? CNN had Watkins on again once he called Williams a "Happy Negro" the first time.

    Who's booking the guests over there at CNN? Danny Glover?

    To give you even more of an idea of the level of rhetoric which Watkins deals in, I found this gem on his website as well:

    "I was on the second show with a black conservative that runs some organization of black Republicans. Perhaps we shall call them the House of Coons."

    Classy, huh?

    The debate on race in America has changed dramatically over the last year. It started with the Duke lacrosse fiasco and has continued on until last week, when most American's ignored the Jena 6 story.

    It has become evident that most American's no longer see the race issue as an "either you're with us, or you're against us" situation.

    Dr. Watkins still thinks that blacks need to stand together regardless of whether their cause is just or not. Common sense African Americans however, are beggining to think for themselves and know that the N-Word needs to go and that Blacks should no longer be ostricized simply because they don't share the politcal beliefs of 90% of the black community or because they associate with conservatives.

    Dr Watkins should apologize to Juan Williams for his incredibly offensive remarks.

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    Wek said...

    Thanks for dropping by Operation Yellow Elephant 1.5 weeks ago. Please feel free to comment under a more current post and we'll be happy to engage with you (you commented under a August post so I didn't notice until now).

    Anonymous said...


    Anonymous said...

    You are a racist. Dr Watkins has more credentials than you will ever have, but a white man (or you could be black, who cares) has a hard time accepting when black people are more intelligent than they are.

    Yes, you are falling, young panda. Keep on being racist.