Tuesday, April 24, 2007

Awwwww. Isn't That Cute...

Dennis thinks that someone is taking him seriously. How adorable.

Congressman Kucinich Introduces Impeachment Articles Against Dick Cheney
Tuesday, April 24, 2007
Fox News

Rep. Dennis Kucinich
WASHINGTON — Rep. Dennis Kucinich introduced three articles of impeachment against Dick Cheney on Tuesday, saying the vice president lied to America to get into a war in Iraq.

Kucinich, a 2008 presidential candidate, said Cheney misled the nation about Iraq's having weapons of mass destruction; he had been deceitful about a nexus between Iraq and Al Qaeda and was being aggressive toward Iran "absent any real threat" from the Islamic Republic.

Cheney "purposely altered intelligence gathering to justify the use of the Armed Forces in Iraq in a manner damaging to national security," the first article reads. The vice president also is accused of using the "intelligence process to deceive citizens and Congress about the tie between Iraq and Al Qaeda in a manner damaging to the United States."

The Ohio Democrat said he hadn't discussed his articles of impeachment with House Speaker Nancy Pelosi or other Democratic leaders but "has the support of millions of Americans."

In fact, Kucinich's proposal comes ahead of a series of protests this weekend calling for the impeachment of both Bush and Cheney. Hundreds of delegates to this Saturday's California Democratic Convention in San Diego are expected to introduce their own impeachment resolution against the president and vice president, said Jacob Park, national coordinator for the April 28 action.

Dennis Kucinich. King of the Loonies.

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Skip Mendler said...

Loony? Not at all.

I'd recommend taking a look at John Nichols' THE GENIUS OF IMPEACHMENT - the book and/or the DVD. Nichols makes a convincing case that under these circumstances impeachment is not some mere option to be contemplated, it is in fact a Constitutional imperative.

So here are a couple of links:
Impeachment Petition Form (PDF)

Send a "Pink Slip" (PDF)

Anonymous said...

Please skip, get a grip.

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