Sunday, April 08, 2007


Happy Easter everyone.

A few updates for ya.

First, the Janome website has removed the picture of Rosie holding the sewing machine from their main page. They must have realized that the woman is poison.

Next, if you go to The View website, you will see links where you can send e-mails to Joy, Barbara and Elizabeth, but the one for Rosie is mysteriously missing.

My Guess is that she was getting so many angry messages that she chose to take down the address rather than hear what Americans really think about her and her loony 9/11 tin foil hat theories.

This leads me to my next idea.
Why don't we e-mail Barbara Walters and let her know how we feel about her employee. Here's a link:

  • Contact The View

  • While your there feel free to drop Joy Behar a line too. That woman needs a wake up call as well.

    I respect Barbara for the doors that she has opened for women in journalism, but let's face it, if Hugh Downs were in charge of The View, Rosie would have been gone after she compared Islamo-fascists to Christians.

    More tommorow.

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    Nancy said...

    You total moron. As a Canadian, reading international newspapers (unlike your bias news), I know that Rosie is correct in her views. As well, when did it become unpatriotic to speak your mind in the USA. Isn't that one of your rights? Why would you try to shut someone up? I'm disgusted with you

    Falling Panda said...

    Well finally. The Canadians have come to set us all straight.
    We can now all go back to what we were doing on Sept. 10th.

    Let me tell ya something there Nancy. We all know that Canada, like every other nation in the world besides the US and Israel, has no clue what's going on, and has no interest, whatsoever in confronting fanatics who want to kill innocent people.

    Your media, like Europe's, is even further to the left than ours is.

    Iran could blow up Jerusalem tommorow and you and your ilk would be on Kos the next day, saying that Bush did it.

    So let America deal with the bad people, since your nation opted for a broken healthcare system instead of a strong military and relies on us for protection.

    Do you understand what I'm talking aboot Nancy?

    And here's where I really have to question the intellectual honesty of Liberals and Bush Haters.

    Nancy asked: "...when did it become unpatriotic to speak your mind in the USA. Isn't that one of your rights? Why would you try to shut someone up?"

    No one is trying to shut anyone up. Rosie can go on the street corner and say that Bush took down the world trade center and that the president of Iran should be elected king of California if she wants.

    What were upset aboot is that a major network is giving the woman a platform to say stuff which is not only insane and untrue, but that dumb folks, who have no base of reference other than far-left websites and The View are going to be suckered into it and take it as gospel.

    Our enemies love this, and have taken great comfort in the fact that the left in this country has torn this nation apart since 9/11 for political gain.

    In stopping Rosie, we are fighting for integrity, and trying to tell our nation's media that they can't get away with mainstreaming nonsense like 9/11 conspiracy theories.

    It's ok to question your government.

    It is unpatriotic to make stuff up and then use the fairy tale to try to bring people to your side, in order to hurt an ideology that you don't necessarily agree with.

    Those are exactly the kind of tactics that our enemies employ on the uneducated and poor, who make up their base.

    Susan Leighton said...

    Your information regarding the email for The View is inaccurate. Rosie O'Donnell has NEVER had her email address located on ABC/THE VIEW website, so they did not take it down in reaction to the petition. ALSO, The View CLOSED DOWN THEIR EMAIL SERVER some weeks ago. I have tried repeatedly to email The View through the ABC website and continue to receive an error message. ABC, Disney, and PROCTOR & GAMBLE are ALL corporate cowards – they have refused to respond to emails and closed down their servers.

    Anonymous said...

    Nancy YOU are the total moron. As a Canadian, I watched those clips of Rosie spouting her ridiculous nonsense. I feel sad for the majority of Americans who have way more common sense and respect for their country's leaders and who have to put up with the vile diatribe from such an angry person.

    I would have been embarrassed to be seen with her, never mind responding politely to her bull.....

    Why is it that someone like Rosie who has received so much from America and is able to live and speak as she pleases choose to give support (intentional or not) to terrorists from countries where she would never be able to do what she is doing? Where does her hate of America come from? As a Canadian, this is something I can't fathom.

    I support your attempts to disengage Rosie from an audience and your ingenious approach is a great idea. At least you aren't resorting to the tactics of countries such as Iran and Syria.

    Good luck and God Bless America.

    Anonymous said...

    My dear, innocent Nancy:

    Rosie O'Donnell, much like Michael Moore, is a sad case of talent degeneration. Moore made a very funny (in my opinion) movie called "Canadian Bacon," where he suggested that an American president gains popularity and a strong economy by going to war (far from true), yet very humorously presented. After this, he makes BS pseudo-spin documentaries that leave him out in the cold. There goes a once-promising comic talent down the toilet.

    Now here's Rosie, who though hardly another Mel Brooks, had a reasonably successful career in comedy. Then, in the words of Jonah Goldberg,

    "The former 'queen of nice' seems to think that the show is the perfect venue to audition for grand marshal of the next tinfoil hat parade. If you visit O'Donnell's Web site (, you'll find her application's supporting materials: all sorts of unadulterated moonbattery presented in the Esperanto of global derangement -- a form of instant-message-style free verse. For example, she writes about the British sailors and marines who were held prisoner in Iran:

    the british did it on purpose

    into iranian waters



    we will be in iran

    before summer

    as planned

    come on people

    u have 2 c

    i know u can"

    See what happened, Nancy? When you can't come up with facts (fire can't melt steel...yeah, and it can't melt ice either), you 'throw bombs,' as Bill O'Reilly rightly claims. Since when is "Gulf of Tonkin...Google it!" an intelligent argument in a debate revolving around life and death and international tension?! And what happened in Iran? The sailors WERE captured in IRAQI waters!

    Nice omlette on Rosie's fat face.

    The moral of this story is simple: It's one thing to know that no government in the world tells its people the truth 24/7 (let's not be children about this), but it's quite another to use a daytime talkshow to spread paranoia and vitriolic bile in order to garner an audience. And just how different is this tactic of Rosie's from Michael Moore's fictional US president drumming up a phony war to get votes?

    It pays to remember that a fanatic is someone who doubles their effort when they have forgotten their aim. No matter how loudly Rosie rants, it doesn't make her right.

    And that's why she is on the left.

    Abouna said...

    Nancy: I would like to add, that the Constitution guarentees us to freedom of speech, but it does not guarentee us the right to be on television, radio or movies.

    She can expound her stupidity as much as she wants, but we the people have the right to demand she be removed from the View. If they want to keep her on the show, that is their right, but then we have the right to boycott the advertisers of the View, then the advertisers will pressure them to remove Rosie or they will pull their ads. Now if the View doesn't get the money from the ads, they will be off the air entirely or they can dump Rosie to retain the advertiser bucks. See everybody wins, even Rosie because she still has her free speech rights only she will have to exercise that right standing on a street corner. But if she waxes too stupid, then the police can arrest her, not for speaking, but for disturbing the peace.

    Gosh, isn't the United States great?

    Shannonymous said...

    See that, abouna, you CAN talk about Rosie without insulting her personal appearance or her "lifestyle." I knew you could. Congrats.

    David said...

    "It is unpatriotic to make stuff up and then use the fairy tale to try to bring people to your side, in order to hurt an ideology that you don't necessarily agree with.

    Those are exactly the kind of tactics that our enemies employ on the uneducated and poor, who make up their base."

    lmao. These tactics sound eerily similar to another organization we know well...the GOP!

    David said...

    As for our enemies...they love the war which has quickly become the single greatest recruiting tool in the history of terrorism.

    Our obvious presence there as conquering invaders not only blinds young people to our goals, it makes terrorists look like martyrs and freedom fighters and sets in motion any number of biblical prophecies from the old testament when the Israelites were made slaves in Egypt and conquered by the Romans.

    We shall soon see how effective this strategy has been when the chickens come home to roost. I hope that day never comes...but I fear that it will, thanks to our Commander in Chief and his myopic brain trust.

    Way to go USA!