Wednesday, April 04, 2007

The View Sponsor Boycott is On!

Thank you to everyone who has stopped by in the last couple of days and to all of those who are supporting this boycott.

A special thanks goes out to

  • Michelle Malkin
  • , the queen of conservative bloggers, who linked our blog on her site so that we can get the sponsor list out to as many folks as possible.

    She also made this awesome video:

    Pretty great huh?

    So what now?

    I think that the sponsors are really feeling the heat and will start to pull out or demand that Rosie leave the show sooner rather than later.

    Until then we must step up the pressure on them.

    This is bigger than just rosie however, as Michelle's video points out, this is the first (and hopefully last) battle between common sense Americans and the shady sub-culture that is the "9/11 Truth" movement.

    Rosie's removal from "The View" will essentially destroy this hateful and hurtful group of Americans for good.

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    davod said...

    Please print a list of the advertisers.

    davod said...


    My eyes didn't stray to the right.

    its an Oxymoron world said...

    Did anybody receive this message from P&G?

    We are addressing an unforeseen company-wide issue, so we need to take some time off from answering email. We're sorry we won't be able to reply to your message, but we expect to be up and running in the very near future.

    As always, we appreciate your loyalty to our products and understanding of our current situation. Thanks for your patience!

    Shannonymous said...

    But don't you think it is strange that when tower 7 fell it looked EXACTLY like a building that is demolished by explosives? I'm not saying I have ANY clue what happened, but can't you admit it is suspicious? I mean yes, fire melts steel, but it doesn't usually make explotions like that, that level a whole building...

    its an Oxymoron world said...

    it is NOT suspicious! Do you know how much explosive it takes to bring down a building?

    Are you saying Bush and his administration knew that the towers were going to be hit and they snuck all this explosive into the building(WITHOUT BEING SEEN)planted it and hid all the holes that had to be drilled to put said explosive in, hid all the primer cord so no one would see it and or trip over it, sat acroos the street and when the time came, set of the charge?

    You have got to be kidding me! Quit being suckered by an anti American, Christian hating terrorist lover!

    You can't just put the explosive any damn place and make it fall!

    Read this article in Popular Mechanics where they actually "TALK" to someone who knows how to bring down a building and not some dopey comic who gets their knowledge from anti-American hate mongers!

    Shannonymous said...

    WHOA WHOA WHOA! Read my post again!! I didn't say BUSH did anything. I just said it looked suspicious- I didn't place blame anywhere, OK?!?!?

    My boyfriend and I have been looking at this sh*t way before Rosie started running her mouth. SHE is not the reason I bring up questions. I look to Rosie for a good laugh, not for any kind of political or historical fact!! She is an entertainer, not a scholar.

    But there were plenty of studies and inquiries about this issue way before she got on her soapbox that haven't made it into the widespread media. There have even been some questionable comments from the man who OWNED the WTC lots, suggesting he had some involvement.

    I may not like Bush but I NEVER SAID I thought he or his administration was involved.

    There has been quite a bit of questioning of the way the towers fell from PHYSICS EXPERTS, ok? I just think there needs to be more of an investigation into the actual PHYSICS of what happened before any blame is placed (or not placed).

    I'M NOT SAYING ANY ABSOLUTES HERE, PEOPLE! I AM NOT PLACING BLAME OR PAINTING ANY OF THIS IN BLACK AND WHITE. I am just saying it looks a little fishy to me. And not to question things at all, to just blindly accept what you're told, is stupid and unpatriotic.

    PS- I read the Pop. Mech. blog and I'm still not buying all of it.

    its an Oxymoron world said...

    Ok Shannon, you didn't say Bush, or anyone for that matter, but that is what the Bush haters, like yourself, are always pushing. You also didn't answer the question on how it was done and why.

    I'm confused about your comment "There have even been some questionable comments from the man who OWNED the WTC lots, suggesting he had some involvement."

    What are you saying? When the they put the building up, they loaded it with explosives for some day in the future?

    You seem like a logical person so explain how these "explosives" got into the building undetected.

    If you can't answer that, then your "conspiracy theory" is just rosie psycho babble!

    Shannonymous said...

    Why do you insist on calling me a Bush hater and aligning me with Rosie? I never said I loved Rosie and hated Bush. I don't HATE Bush, I just don't agree with some of what he stands for/what he has done while in office.

    Just because I don't have ANSWERS about the events surrounding 9/11, I can't have QUESTIONS? What kind of nonsense is that?

    I have no idea how explosives got in the building. I don't even know if there WERE any explosives involved! Again, unlike you, I am NOT TALKING IN ABSOLUTES or making assumptions.


    So please, stop attacking me for being curious and inquisitive and PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE stop comparing me to Rosie- the only thing she and I have in common is that we're Irish and believe homosexuals should have equal rights... oh, and we both like "Taboo." ;)

    PS- comments made by the man who owned the WTC lots about the fall of the towers can be found in the documentary “Confronting the Evidence." I'm not saying I think everything in this documentary is true, but it is interesting and raising some compelling QUESTIONS.

    its an Oxymoron world said...

    Shannon, I apologize if I come off as attacking you. I'm pointing my comments to yours and not you personally.

    You said "I may not like Bush but I NEVER SAID I thought he or his administration was involved."

    Now since I don't play the PC game, the opposite of "Not Like"(dislike)is hate, period! Check any thesaurus that isn't printed by a leftist publisher. Dislike: loathe, nauseate, abominate, detest, abhor; hate

    "But don't you think it is strange that when tower 7 fell it looked EXACTLY like a building that is demolished by explosives?"

    Your comment, not mine.

    "I have no idea how explosives got in the building. I don't even know if there WERE any explosives involved! Again, unlike you, I am NOT TALKING IN ABSOLUTES or making assumptions."

    Once again, your comment, not mine.

    Now if "explosives" WEREN'T involved, what would you say made it fall? Osmosis?

    I really fail to see how your not using rosie for your "suspicions" with this matter. If you can't point to what caused it(explosives, low flying birds, osmosis........etc) then how can you have suspicions? That to me is the first sign of paranoia. THAT IS NOT AN ATTACK OK! Just an observation!

    PARANOIA: Paranoia is a term used by mental health specialists to describe suspiciousness (or mistrust) that is either highly exaggerated or not warranted at all.

    bruce1337 said...


    you're right, it looked exactly like a controlled demolition. And even though any layman can see that, there are many experts on the record saying the same thing -- among them a dutch demolition specialist by the name of Danny Jowenko and two swiss professors of structural engineering by the name of Hugo Bachmann and Jörg Schneider.

    It's not crazy to assume it was a controlled demolition -- it's crazy to assume it wasn't. No steelframed highrise has collapsed from fire ever before or after 9/11, and there were far worse fires in history than those in WTC7. Even if a building some day came down from fire, I can guarantee that it will not fall in the systematic manner witnessed, ever. It's totally asinine to think otherwise, and akin to believing in miracles.

    So...don't let anyone tell you otherwise. You're right.

    Shannonymous said...

    O.moron, you said:

    "Shannon, I apologize if I come off as attacking you. I'm pointing my comments to yours and not you personally."

    That does not make sense. I am my comments; they are my thoughts and my beliefs. If you attack my comments you are attacking me; I am the one who wrote them.

    You also said "Now since I don't play the PC game, the opposite of "Not Like"(dislike)is hate, period!"

    That also does not make sense. The opposite of “not like” is not hate, it is like; the opposite of dislike is also like. And just because you don't like something, doesn't mean you hate it. Just because you like something, doesn't mean you love it. There are degrees to affection. So again, I may dislike Bush, that doesn't mean I hate him, just as I may like someone, that doesn’t mean I love them.

    But since you seem to think you need to educate me about the meaning of words, let me educate you about grammar:
    YOUR implies a possessive, as in "you wear YOUR coat and drive YOUR car."
    the contraction of YOU ARE is YOU'RE, as in "YOU'RE attacking me and YOU'RE using language incorrectly to do it."

    And you don't have to tell me which comments are mine: I made them and I have a very good memory.

    Thinking something is suspicious about the way the towers fell is not PARANOIA it is intelligence. You said: "If you can't point to what caused it. . . then how can you have suspicions?"

    This also does not make sense. People have suspicions before they have facts. Columbus was suspicious that the world wasn't flat. He later found out the facts: it’s not flat. Detectives have suspicions about who killed someone and then they collect evidence to prove for a fact who did it.

    Again: just because you don't have the ANSWERS doesn't mean it is wrong or stupid to have QUESTIONS.

    PS- Bruce- thanks for backup.

    Aaron said...

    the 9/11 conspiracy thing is mostly from the right wing! do you guys realize that? also many victims, firefighters, gov officials, pilots, yes, smart people agree that the official 9/11 story is bunk--imagine...conservatives who might question big government--novel idea.

    Aaron said...

    mainly the 9/11 conspiracy is from the right wing--also victims of 9/11, firefighters, gov officials--just do some research...most people (thinking people) question the official story...imagine questioning big government...conservatives would never do that!

    David said...

    "Extraordinary Claims Require Extraordinary Evidence"

    Whether you're talking about God, UFOs or 9/11 conspiracies, it's all the same in this sense:

    Nobody really talks to invisible people (if they do, they probably need to be on medication), nor has any supernatural being presented itself to the public to be scrutinized and evaluated. Therefore, proof of a God requires verifiable, convincing evidence.

    Nobody has ever really ridden in a UFO and there hasn't been any news conference that I'm aware of where Aliens have taken the podium. Again, substantial evidence is required.

    Everyone saw the planes slam into the building. Everyone saw the buildings burn and collapse. If you believe otherwise, show me. Don't tell me about probabilities or studies about how things collapse. And questions don't a conspiracy make. There are many mysteries of the universe. The fact that we don't understand everything yet ISN'T proof of a God. And the fact that we may never fully understand the exact mechanics of how the buildings collapsed ISN'T, without more, proof of a conspiracy in 9/11.

    And..."Muslims didn't do it" is the most fucking retarded thing I've ever seen. I don't agree with profiling for one reason and one reason only, I don't think it will make us safer. I give a lot more credit to the terrorists than some other people do. Maybe they don't have central air and indoor plumbing that works reliably, but they're not stupid. We all inherit the same human genes with the same capacities. Osama Bin Laden and his ilk are not only smart they are crafty. 9/11 was fucking genius. If we think that all we have to do is round up middle-easterners and declared Muslims to make us safer, we're fucking stupid. There are many many Muslims that look and act as white as Dan Joseph. Profiling is dumb b/c it give us a false sense of security.

    On the other hand, I am all in favor of monitoring all communications from Mosques and Islamic groups in this country. Before you start applauding me, know that I am also in favor of monitoring the communications of churches and anti-abortion groups. What those evil motherfuckers have done is no less an act of terrorism than bombings by Islamic fundamentalists.