Monday, April 09, 2007

Return of The View

Season 10 of The View began today, with Barbara Walters announcing how upset she and the show's studio audience are that Rosie is absent until tomorrow.

Walters: "Our warm up person said Rosie is off today, Rosie will be back tomorrow, so people in the audience went (disappointed) ohhhhhhhhh!"

Behar: "They Miss her."

Walters: "We miss her too."

But don't cry. Barbara assured us that she would be back tomorrow.

In addition to this, the ladies of The View had a long discussion as to whether Don Imus should be kicked off the air or boycotted for racist comments made on his radio show.

Barbara, came out adamantly against a boycott. I wonder why?
I'll post that whole discussion as soon as I can find it.

Wow. The MSM loves that story, but was silent when it came to Rosie's hurtful comments.

So the boycott continues. The list will be completely refreshed from the one posted a week ago, since we don't know which sponsors, if any have dropped their advertising yet. So here is the new list. I will be adding live links later tonight.

Tresemme hair products
Breyers Ice Cream
Olive Garden
The Hoax (Movie)
Luvs Diapers
Ritz Crackers
Land's End
Dove Lotion
First Response Pregnancy Test
Kool-Aid (How appropriate)
Secret Deodorant
Stainmanster Carpet
Transitions Contact Lenses
Glade Plug Ins
Acuview Contact Lenses
Swifer Wet
Kraft Singles
Garnier Skin Products
Jenny Craig

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Norom Eisor said...

"Don't fear the terrorists. They’re mothers and fathers" - Rosie O'Donnell

Who do you suppose Rosie is telling not to fear the terrorists.

It can only be those who are being terrorized.

Her empathy is directed at terrorists rather than the people they terrorize.


I could agree with her and support her if she chose to speak to terrorists. She could be saying, "Don't take people hostage, blow them up, cut off their arms, legs or heads. These poor people are mothers and fathers."

But of course, being a moron, Rosie just doesn't get it.

I can only hope that her truly outrageous statements on nation-wide TV are part of a heinous plot hatched by TV executives to boost their ratings.

At least, then I could understand that Rosie is merely stupid and naive and she just doesn't know it yet.

To think she really believes what she is saying is truly frightening.

Buzzard said...

I have put the list of advertisers in my wallet so I can refer to it every time I go shopping.

Abouna said...

How in heavens name can Barbara Walters and Behar miss Rosie? My gosh, are they gluttons for punishment?

Maybe Rosie snuck some "stupid pills" into their morning coffee.

I don't know much about Imus, but if they want to kick him off and silence him, then they should do the same with O'Donnel.

J. Langer said...

I contacted Kraft (cheese, Honey Bunches of Oats) and here was their response:
Thank you for visiting

I'm sorry that you were disappointed in our sponsorship.

At Kraft, we demonstrate our commitment to responsible corporate citizenship by participating in programs that best serve a wide range of local communities and their interests and needs.

We extend our corporate responsibility to the sponsorship of tasteful, believable television programming.

We strive to avoid sponsorship of any programs that would be unacceptable in terms of generally accepted social or community standards.

I will be sure to share your comments with our Marketing and Advertising Staff.

Thank you again for taking the time to share your thoughts.

Kim McMiller
Associate Director, Consumer Relations

Do you read what I read in that reply? Yup. They're telling me to get stuffed. Well, no more Kraft products in my house.