Thursday, April 05, 2007

The View Sponsor Boycott - Day 7

With the week drawing to a close I think that we should once again focus our efforts on two specific sponsors and target them with e-mails.

First, it would be most effective to contact Proctor & Gamble directly since they are the company behind four of the listed sponsors. Crest, Tide, Pepto-Bismal and Head & Shoulders are all under their name.

  • Contact Proctor & Gamble

  • Next with Easter coming up, I think we should also focus attention on M&M's. Here's a link:
  • Contact M&M
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    Shannonymous said...

    P&G is also good to boycott because they test their products (horribly!) on animals.

    I'm not saying I don't think animals should ever be used in testing; for some medical research it is vital. But for laundry detergents and cosmetics? Plenty of PEOPLE would happily get paid to test products that might give them a rash or some swelling, and save a few bunnies and such.

    Happy Holidays! =)

    Dan said...

    I'm with you on that one.

    Shannonymous said...

    YAY! I love when we agree... ;)

    Free Talker said...

    Thanks for the list. I'll make sure I go buy these products this week.

    I support our 1st Amendment and free speech. The name of the show is The View. Everyone has a different view. Elisabeth's views are different than Rosie's, which are different than mine. Don't want to listen to Rosie's view, then change the channel. Done. I disagree with lots of views espoused on TV, including those by news media thinly disguised as truth (rather than just opinion). When I don't like it, I simply turn it off.

    Why are you afraid of our constitutional right to free speech? Is it only free if you agree with it?

    Joseph R Montes said...

    Proud to be an American against THE VIEWs of Tehran Rosie and the anti-American rhetoric of hollywood

    As Americans, we believe and cherish the First Amendment rights of each and every individual American to speak freely expressing their individual points of view, which has been afforded to every American by the Constitution of the United States of America.

    As an American, Ms. O’Donnell, has the right to express her radical anti-American rhetoric on The View or any other platform in which she chooses. Equally as important to Ms. O’Donnell’s right to express her message of hatred toward America and Americans, we the people, have the right to voice our vehement opposition to her misguided, hurtful, ignorant rhetoric, which emboldens those parties whom wish to destroy, harm and abolish the American way of life.

    Ms. O’Donnell, unfortunately, has a distinct advantage to the “ordinary” patriotic American; she is provided a highly visible platform in which to express her anti-American rhetoric to a world wide audience.

    In this case, this platform is provided to her by The Walt Disney Company’s subsidiary Disney-ABC. Disney-ABC’s decision to employ and significantly compensate Ms. O’Donnell for being Ms. O’Donnell is a direct result of the popularity provided to Ms. O’Donnell by the American people.

    The Walt Disney Company and its subsidiary Disney-ABC so far have made a decision to endorse Ms. O’Donnell’s anti-American rhetoric. This act of endorsement by Disney-ABC comes in the form of taking no action toward denying her access to their public forum (The View). Disney-ABC is as much responsible for the commentary of Ms. O’Donnell as Ms. O’Donnell is.

    Until Disney-ABC terminates the employment of Ms. O’Donnell or limits her access to their public forum (The View), it is fair to conclude that Disney-ABC endorses and empowers its employees/representatives to make false, inaccurate, poorly researched, hurtful and outrageous statements that embolden our enemies and threaten the national security of our country. It is also fair to conclude that The Walt Disney Company is more concerned with making money, than supporting the principles, morals and integrity of the country from which it comes.

    Fortunately for the “ordinary” patriotic American and to the misfortune of Ms. O’Donnell, The Walt Disney Company and Disney-ABC we have the ability to alter and change her popularity in a blink of eye. By simply standing united as “we the people" and turning the TV off of ABC.

    The “buck” stops ultimately with the CEO of The Walt Disney Company, Robert Iger. Mr. Iger has a responsibility to his share holders and the bottom line profitability of the corporation. To affect the desired change in The View, we must get Mr. Iger’s attention. Simply to achieve this goal is to adversely effect the profit margin of The Walt Disney Company.

    The plan to affect change in the status of this type of reckless, misguided, ignorant, arrogant and perverse expression of anti-American rhetoric by Rosie O’Donnell is to;
    1. Get Organized.

    2. Contact your local ABC affiliate and voice your outrage at their airing of this type of material.

    3. Boycott any local advertisers running commercials on your local ABC affiliate.

    4. Parental lock ABC on your Cable Box or Satellite Receiver and simply avoid watching any ABC programming.

    5. Parental lock ESPN on your Cable Box or Satelite Receiver and simply avoid watching any ESPN programming.

    6. Contact the NBA, MLB, NFL, NASCAR, IRL and NCAA expressing your outrage at their participation in allowing ABC or ESPN to televise any of their sporting events, boycott their events until Ms. O’Donnell has been removed.

    7. If you own Disney Stock divest yourself from it.

    8. Boycott any Disney produced Movies.

    9. Boycott the purchase of any Disney produced DVD’s or VHS products.

    10. Stay the course as a proud American, rejecting the anti-American rhetoric and hold steadfast in your patriotism.

    Anonymous said...

    Amen, joseph r! well said.

    Just the fact that Rosie is a crass, pushy, loudmouth is enough to keep me from tuning into the view. Babwa should be ashamed that she had the bad taste to hire an idiot like her in the first place.

    Wild Thing said...

    Thank you for all of this information. It is so important.

    Joseph R. Montes said...

    Free Talker it is not about being afraid of free speech and only allowing it to be free when we agree with it, it is a lot more than that.

    It is just like most to quickly forget that free speech is not so free, a lot of people paid the ultimate sacrifce to give us that right and the freedoms that we enjoy today.

    Our Constitutional Rights carry a hefty price, which was paid in the pain, suffering and heavy loss of life, of those who had the courage, determination and will to fight against injustice and for the equality of all.

    The courageous efforts of our founding fathers has been discounted and undermined and it is an outrage.

    Just because you have the right to speak freely does not mean that you should say whatever is on your mind without regards to others security and welfare.

    The Rights of free speech came with a enourmous price tag, you need to remember those who paid for it, and the reasons why they paid for it, before you open your mouth and speak against your country and fellow americans.

    I am proud to say that I am an American and live in the greatest country the world has ever known. Are you?

    D'Maria Scaglione said...

    HI. My name is Author D'Maria Scaglione. I so appreciate what you are doing. This country needs to unite and not allow celebrities to trash this great country just because they have POWER and Money and they feel they will not have any consequences to their negative actions. I believe in freedom of speech, but I do not believe in someone bullying America-especially when they don't have their facts straight. Fire Rosie O' Donnell!
    Thank you for the link!

    RanTinRave said...

    Liberals have used the tool of boycotting for years. It's about time the Conservatives used this very effective method of Free Speech. I have written several letters already (including giving up my favorite food -M&Ms-) and will add a couple more letters to my list each day until I have written to them all.

    Anonymous said...

    This is so ridiculous! I wish you Americans were half as concerned about the war and the thousands being killed by your president as you are about Rosie O'Donnell. Your president is a joke overseas. I'm in the US on business for 6 months and I'll be sure to buy as many of the products you've listed as possible.

    -A Brit

    Falling Panda said...

    Wait. THE PRESIDENT'S killing thousands?

    And here I was thinking that it was crazy Muslims.

    You know, this shows you just how messed up the world view of most Western Europeans is.

    That's why we must lead. We must do the right thing in the world, because their moral compass is broken.

    Euro's have never had the will to do what must be done in the world, nor do they have our best interests in mind.

    So when people tell me that Americans and our president are unpopular overseas, I really can't say that I take them too seriously or care all that much.

    So anonymous, enjoy your visit to our nation, but keep in mind that we are the most dominant force standing between religous fanatics and your peaceful everyday exsistence, because if it weren't for us, I'm not convinced that the European community wouldn't just sit back and let Jihad happen.