Friday, April 20, 2007

Idiot Of The Week

It’s been a rough week. As the news cycle shifted focus from the now seemingly trivial Imus uproar to the truly grotesque events at Virginia Tech, some of the dumber things that happened this week were kind of lost in the shuffle, and with good reason.

So this week's Idiot of the Week award is being given to someone who you may have never heard of.

He’s a rapper who goes by the name of


This week in an interview with CNN’s Anderson Cooper for 60 Minutes Cam’Ron
Said this in reference to the practice of “snitching” or turning someone in to the police:

  • CBS Article

  • "If I knew the serial killer was living next door to me? I wouldn't call and tell anybody on him — but I'd probably move. But I'm not going to call and be like, 'The serial killer's in 4E. "

    Of course, with Monday's events in Blacksburg this comment seems even more dangerous.

    It represents a trend that has become commonplace in the black community and has been pushed along in large part by hip-hop artistes, for whom the mantra “Don’t Snitch” has become part of the lexicon.

    What drives this new “code of ethics” as Cam’Ron so eloquently put it, is, of course, a distrust of police and a desire to see fewer members of the black community put in jail.

    Forget the victims of the crime. Or the pain and suffering of loved ones whose lives have been destroyed by the all too frequent, senseless violence that is so prevalent in the inner city.

    Cam’ron and his hip-hop ilk “don’t snitch” and because of it there is more pain and suffering in the world. It is becoming acceptable, even expected among young people to stay silent when they know about a crime.

    Of course for Cam’ron, it’s simply good business.

    He said in his interview that if his fans knew that he had turned in even the most nefarious of criminals it would damage his “street cred” and hurt his album sales.

    Thus, the hip-hop world and those who are a part of it have created a bizarro world of sorts in which crime is okay, but doing the right thing and trying to make your community a safer place is not socially acceptable.

    Great job, Cam. You’re truly doing your part to ensure that the murder rate in the black community remains sky high and that the next generation of inner city youth has no concept of right and wrong.

    Runner Up: This is a great story.

    John Kerry announced early in the year, much to the relief of Democrats everywhere, that he had decided not to seek the party’s presidential nomination again in 2008.

    But this is John Kerry. The man responsible for bringing the term “flip-flop” into dinner table conversations all over America.

    On Monday, Kerry changed his mind and told the media that he is now, once again, considering a run for the presidency.

    How does this man ever get anything done? It must take him 4 hours each day just to dress himself and he wants to be president?!!

    Not that our nation is in any danger of a Kerry presidency, but you gotta admit the Senator has turned into a caricature of his 2004 self.

    Finally, German police have not yet tracked down our second runner up for Idiot of the Week, but when they do, they should immediately put him a large rubber room.

    This unknown nut has been sending death threats to Knut the polar bear, the newest celebrity at the Berlin Zoo. Knut has received world wide attention, for not only being adorable, but also for almost being put to death.

    A couple of weeks ago, animal rights nuts wanted to put Knut to sleep, due to the fact that his mother had abandoned him and he could not be raised in the standard polar bear fashion.

    Apparently, they were worried that this would cause the world's eco-system to go all cuckoo and lead to the apocalypse.

    As a result, everyone in the world became outraged and thus dubbed Knut, Prince of the Polar Bears.

    This week someone wrote the zoo and threatened to kill Knut.

    What's going on? Why do so many people seem to have it out for poor Knut?

    Is this an offensive from the grizzly bear lobby?

    Is there a penguin mafia out there trying to send a message to the other inhabitants of the Arctic?

    As you can see, there were a lot of excellent candidates for our award this week.
    Harry Reid was the frontrunner, but I had to say something about that guy on Wednesday. I just couldn't contain my anger.

    Therefore, Cam'ron, you are our Idiot of the Week.

    But thanks to all of our candidates this week for convincing me that everyone on the planet, except for myself(and you of course), is a complete moron.

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    Shannonymous said...

    LOL! Awesome. Cam'ron is a MO'ron. Not only does he encourage people to NOT turn in criminals, but he wears fur.

    LAVENDER fur, no less.

    You rock. Best idiot of the week ever. And the cutest picture of Knut I've ever seen, which is saying A LOT.

    Abouna said...

    No, the folks in the Black community won't turn in a killer, mugger or rapist, but their kids wouldn't think twice about snitching on a fellow student if they see them with a fingernail file or a bottle of asprin.

    I have seen right here in my city where there would be a shooting in broad daylight in the black community with dozens of eye witnesses, but nobody saw a thing. Kind of sounds like Sargent Shultz on Hogan's Heros: "I don't know nothing, I don't see nothing, I don't hear nothing".

    Got to watch out for those crazies in Germany wanting to go after Knut. What is next, death camps for polar bears, a final solution to the polar bear question?

    Heaven forbid.

    Shannonymous said...

    And heaven forbid you should ever make a comment, abouna, without sweeping generalizations, or one that doesn't offend someone.

    "Folks in the Black community"?!?! We're talking about one rapper, not an entire race. Why don't you try saying something constructive for a change instead of lumping thousands of people in with one idiot??!?!?

    Anonymous said...

    not as good as

    Comment made to local press Shropshire Star @

    Headline: College bans smoking outside

    Shrewsbury College will outlaw smoking anywhere on its premises when the ban comes into force on July 1, it announced today.It means more than 10,000 students, staff and visitors will not be allowed to light up anywhere in the grounds, including on car parks and in parked cars.

    Richard Banks, human and physical resources director at Shrewsbury College, said: “If inhaling someone else’s cigarette smoke is bad for you indoors, IT IS BAD FOR YOU OUTDOORS.

    How does this work then?
    Is this the most stupid thing you've heard?