Wednesday, April 25, 2007

Rosie's Departure

Rosie is an awful American and disgusting human being. She represents just about everything that most Americans detest about the far-left and celebrities in general.

Fortunately, come June she will no longer have a network platform to spew her hateful and irresponsible rhetoric from.

She claims she's leaving due to a contract dispute,and that may be true. But more likely she was pushed off "The View" by pressure from by Disney and the program's sponsors.I believe that her gross crotch grabbing and Murdoch bashing at the Matrix Awards this weekend was the final straw.

No one in the history of television has been more irresponsible in using their position on the airwaves.

Regardless of the reasons why, the Stop Rosie movement, of which this blog has been a big part, is now over.

I believe that although the sponsor boycott had a limited effect, all together, our efforts were successful in helping to focus attention on Rosie and her outrageous statements. The movement empowered Americans who were rightfully furious at ABC and Disney for mainstreaming this woman's wacky views.

So let this be a warning to any celebrity who uses the platform they have been given to side with our enemies, or to mainstream the 9/11 "truth" movement's insane and debunked tin-foil hat theories.

Let this also be a lesson to those in the mainstream media: Americans who care about their country and the truth will hold you accountable if you are irresponsible in who you put on the airways.

So, to all who have helped in this effort, I thank you.

And to Rosie, Good riddance. Hopefully we won't have to put up with you on a daily basis ever again.

Finally, here is a link to a site that has the lowlights of Rosie's memorable stint on The View.

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    Anonymous said...

    Thank God! Now maybe we'll get lucky and The View will just fade off the air altogether!

    You ran a good campaign via your blog, Dan. I'd like to think it helped more than just a little to get people involved in writing to sponsors to let them know how horrible we think that loud mouth she-ape is. Raleigh

    thineprof said...

    Good job Falling Panda. Keep up the vigilance.

    Anonymous said...

    Political activism based on truth and reality seems to be one of your strong suits, Panda Man. You are insightful, articulate and forceful.

    Jungle Mom said...

    WOOHOO! Good riddance!

    Anonymous said...

    FP: You did such a good job of helping to take the garbage out. How would you like to help clean up some more garbage?

    Here is your assignment, should you choose to accept it. Unfortunately, it will not self-destruct in 60 seconds. Human intervention is needed.

    Democrats, Al Gore in particular, are always on about how much they want to protect the environment and about how Republicans are out to destroy it in favor of the almighty dollar.

    Well, I'd be willing to bet that few (if any)are walking the talk. Gore claims to be paying for extra renewable energy credits but is he actually, personally consuming any less energy than he did before? What about the Democratic leadership (Pelosi, Kennedy, etc.) and the declared presidential candidates? Do they drive gas guzzlers or do they drive hybrids or cars that are more economical with their use of gas?

    It would be interesting if their energy histories would be revealed. That would be true, I'm sure of republicans as well.

    We need leadership in this country that actually leads the people by example. At this point I don't think there is any dispute about the effects of our wasteful habits on the environment. Time for our politicians to lead us out of the nasty downward spiral we put ourselves into. We don't need them to be so narrowly focused on the environment as someone like Ralph Nader would be but we do need them to show us they care and to lead by example.

    How about it, FP? Can you do the research and push the issue? I would like to see what you can do with it. It would be good to see someone other than Nader as an actual cheerleader for the environment.

    Anonymous said...

    yeh right, a green republican, no such animal exists. u'd have better luck finding a unicorn.

    Anonymous said...

    Sheep will always need a shepard, and if this ignorant cow has a following, it pretty well sums up how stupid liberals are.

    the kess said...


    You wrote that Rosie represents "just about everything that most Americans detest about the far-left and celebrities in general." It makes me sad that you fear homosexuality, feminism and the speaking of one's own mine. If Rosie was an attractive, thin, heterosexual woman would you still have these views of her? I never knew you were so closed minded to other's opinions.... *tear*

    Dan said...

    I don't remember saying anything about Rosie's homosexuality or feminism.

    My beef is with what Rosie says not with who she is.