Monday, April 09, 2007

Rosie vs Imus: Exposing Media Hypocrisy

So one racist comment will get you suspended, but siding with America’s enemies and accusing your government of murder on national television will not.

That’s the lesson that we learned today as NBC suspended radio shock jock Don Imus for referring to the Rutger’s women’s basketball team as “Some nappy-headed hoes.”

The media outrage over this has been loud and clear. And yet when Rosie had her “ching-chong-ching” moment, when she compared Christians to terrorists, when she accused the British government of faking the kidnapping of its innocent service men and women, when she accused the American government of killing its own citizens, there is a collective, deafening silence from the mainstream media.

It’s not simply due to the fact that racism is the big bad boogieman of the liberal and black establishment which put Imus’s relatively harmless, yet undeniably offensive words, on the media’s radar.

But it’s also due to the fact that NBC, CBS and ABC don’t mind that much if Rosie bashes their country. I’m guessing that many of the execs and higher ups at the big liberal news organizations agree with her. And they should be ashamed.

Rosie’s consistent rhetoric is far more offensive and hurtful than what Imus said.

Imus apologized repeatedly for using a phrase, which is used all of the time by white people with a snicker and a smile, yet was mainstreamed by black hip-hop artists and Hollywood comedies.

Rosie has never apologized, for mainstreaming conspiracy theories and siding with a regime that is actively killing our soldiers during a time of war.

Look at Barbara Walters and Joy Behar, who devoted an entire segment to discussing Imus’s statements, on the View today, while at the same time gushing over how much they missed the still vacationing O’Donnell.

Their hypocrisy is representative of the entire media’s screwed up priorities when it comes to our nation and the danger it faces in the new century.

Racism is like sex these days. It sells. And yet in reality, Imus’s joke and the effect that it has on the black community or anyone who is up in arms over it, is completely insignificant when compared to Rosie and the potential that her comments have to hurt our nation and our fighting men and women in the Middle East. Not to mention those killed in the 9/11 attacks.

This is more proof -as if we needed any- that the mainstream media has simply turned a blind eye to what matters, in favor of a politically correct and increasingly left wing agenda.

So let’s send them a message. Boycott the sponsors listed to the right. Write them and show your displeasure. Write Barbara Walters as well. You can reach her by clicking on the link located a few posts down.

Al Sharpton and Jesse Jackson, two individuals who if not given credibility by a sympathetic media, would be a humorous sideshow in our society, got their way on this one. Why shouldn’t we?

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Abouna said...

Hypocrisy, not just in the Media but throughout the entire left, is so thick you could cut it with a knife.

I often wonder if liberals REALLY believe the stuff that comes out of their mouths. Often, when I get a chance to watch Hannity & Combs, and I listen to the stuff that Combs comes out with I find myself amazed that Hannity can restrain himself from whacking Combs upside the head.

Anonymous said...


I just got a comment from M&Ms about the boycott via email. How can I send it to you?


Dan said...

email me at:

Anonymous said...

The media is not crucifying Rosie because they helped cover up the 911 false flag. Did you listen when Rosie told you who owns the media. I think not. "Media Hypocrisy"? Yes, that's right but just not the way you're stating it.

David said...

"...whacking Combs upside the head."

Ahhh...the true conservative colors come out. Whether it's other nations or the political opposition, their preferred method of persuasion is the fisted glove.

Why, I wonder? Probably b/c they have no moral center. Nearly all of their positions are ruses in order to allow them to continue to make money off the backs of the working poor. This includes their so-called social agenda.

Why do they so vehemently oppose civil rights? B/c by allowing everyone to have the same rights and opportunities, it increases competition for their jobs and wealth...most of which is still controlled by white people.

Why do they oppose abortion? B/c they know that by forcing unfit mothers to bear children it will keep them poor and not allow them to compete with them or their aryan sons and daughters. And of course it's hypocrisy b/c when one of their daughters gets knocked up, they will just pay to have it done secretly.

Conservatives care about 1 and making more of it. Nothing else matters and nothing stands in the way...not freedom, not liberty, not equality and certainly not life.

Give me a persuasive argument against this proposition and I will consider it, but I've seen nothing that convinces me otherwise so far in my life...

BTW...I don't judge you if that's what your philosophy is. Money is GREAT. I wish I had more of it, I wish I had a million times more of it that I have now. But I'm not willing to destroy everything around me just to get it. That's the difference.

The issue I have is honesty. Conservatives are so dishonest about this subject its almost funny watching them bend over backwards to avoid discussing it. Just be fucking honest is all.

They can't...of course...b/c their entire political structure is built around the lies they have created to divert people from examining their only true philosophy...the accumulation of wealth.

David said... calling a black women's basketball team a group of "nappy headed hos" is ok with you?


I also fail to see how Rosie has "hurt" our country and our war effort. Pls. explain with some specific examples. And just so we are clear, I'm looking for how our country has been objectively damaged by what she said, not what she said itself. Her words are not the damage here, Rosie has no power whatsoever.


Abouna said...

It may not be what Rosie said, as much as the fact that when a liberal talks trash, nothing is said or it is swept under the proverbial carpet. But let a Republican or Conservative talk trash or say anything even remotely contraversial then every body on the left goes into overdrive to have the Republican removed from office, fired from their job or made into social outcast.

What do you consider as "civil rights" being allowed to engage in whatever type of immorality that floats one's boat with no restrictions?

It was those on the left who ran around proclaiming loudly that the government has no right to legislate morallity. So my question is: What right then does the government have to legislate immorality? we conservatives have nothing against supporting civil rights when it comes to women's right to vote,equal pay for equal work, etc., but we draw the line when it comes to legalizing immoral and unnatural behavior.

"Ahhh...the true conservative colors come out. Whether it's other nations or the political opposition, their preferred method of persuasion is the fisted glove."

No my friend, we prefer negotiation when possible, but when the otherside will not negotiate in good faith or honor their agreements and all else has failed, we will fight if that is what it takes to defend our liberties, our way of life and our homeland. Those of you on the left, apparently will not fight for anything. You would rather go belly up like a whipped dog and bow and scrape to those who wish you harm.

And just for your information, my remake of "whacking Combs upside the head", was a tongue in cheek comment, so get over yourself.

Anonymous said...

hey view, take your fat ass head out of rosies and put rosies and al"nigga"sharpton"s head in yours, we dont and will never watch your stupid fuckin show,,,GOD BLESS AMERICA

diane said...

The last comment from Anonymous should be deleted. It is offensive no matter what side your are on. Learn some civility and manners.

Anonymous said...

Oh please making such a big deal out of this is stupid and racist. The man said he was sorry so let it go people and go on. All races make racist remarks about others and it will always be that way unfortunately but to make this man bow down and kiss butt is wrong. Me

Shannonymous said...

I think what offends ME most is all the bad grammar! ;) Honestly, I cannot take anyone seriously who writes a sentence as incorrect as:

"hey view, take your fat ass head out of rosies and put rosies and al"nigga"sharpton"s head in yours, we dont and will never watch your stupid fuckin show,,,"

Obviously, whoever wrote it is an idiot!